Sunday, September 7, 2008

Starting tomorrow I'm a widow

That's right people, as of tomorrow, September 8th I might as well not be married. My single hood will last until about mid-March next spring.

Why you ask? Deer season starts tomorrow and runs right into ski season which literally takes up six and a half days a week of Andy's life. Minimum twelve hours a day.

But, let's get back to the distraction at hand. Andy has been preparing diligently for the upcoming deer season with his friend/hunting buddy Matt for about 2 months. And when he isn't out at the hunting site with Matt he's home and domineering the TV remote. He's been watching hunting shows like it's his job. And if I manage to grab the remote to watch something not hunting related he sits at the computer and looks up hunting videos and hunting apparel & accessories. I won't get into the specifics of why I hate hunting shows. I won't subject you to that. But I will tell you that the only time I think it might be necessary for us to have two televisions is when he is watching a hunting show. For now the computer seems to offer an acceptable alternative for me, or I just leave.

This morning we are watching hunting shows. Imagine that! Andy got out of bed and turned on the outdoor channel first thing. He hasn't even asked for coffee yet, and that is saying something.

I ran out of things to do online so I Googled "Things to do while my husband watches hunting shows." Can you tell I'm desperate? The first thing to pop up was this blog. This lady seems to be living my life. I think she and I could be BFF's except for the fact that she fishes and I don't. Oh well, everyone has to have a flaw.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the hunting play by play. Andy isn't working tomorrow. Instead he is going to wake up at an ungodly hour and go sit out in the woods. Maybe I'll go get him a book to read while he waits on a deer to walk in front of him.


  1. Oh yes, the lonely days of hunting season.

    I love them! :)

  2. I certainly understand where you are coming from. I'm pregnant this year during deer season and it is affecting my mood. I am getting more angry every day my husband takes off from work or leaves early. And I'm bored! I know I should enjoy it but it is hard to do things by yourself (even shopping) when you have 10 pounds strapped to your belly. I have always been supportive of my husband's hunting addiction but this year has been excessive. I can't wait until January!