Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day!!

Anyone play any good pranks today? Sadly, I have never been a good prankster, but I have always been very gullible.

It's two days until my birthday! I'm so excited. I'm going to Winston to see Julie and Andy is making me a cake. He bought me a present a couple of weeks ago and then last night he announced that he was taking it back and going to get something different. He wouldn't tell me what the original present was though, that's annoying.

So yesterday I went into Bath & Body Works just to say hello and I came out with new products. It's a sickness, really. They have this new temptations scent called hey sugar. It is so flippin' awesome. It smells just like the lemon cake I make (Andy calls it Lemon Zinger). It's heaven. I took a shower last night just so I could use it! I also got a wallflower because they were on sale and who can pass that up? And I got a free item, just some really thick lotion because at this point my whole body looks like sand paper. When is spring and warm weather ever going to come? The trees are still not budding, but this morning when I drove up to work there was a daffodil in bloom outside the office door. Hooray! Give me two months or so and I'll be ready for the cold again.

Also, while I was at the mall yesterday I went into Panera to get a salad. They have brought back the chicken bacon dijon panini. I could make up a song about this sandwich it is so good and they only make it a few months out of the year. So you know what this means... I'll be spending a lot of $$ in Panera until they discontinue it again. But it's worth it because it is the BEST sandwich they have EVER made. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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