Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Blog Year in Review

Here's a look back at what 2009 was like on my blog and in my life.

January brought lot's of excitement.

First I set a goal that would take an entire year to fulfill.

Our country turned over a new leaf by inaugurating a new president. I'll keep my personal feelings on his progress to date under wraps; as is the tradition on this blog and in my personal life.

Also, my very best friend found out she was pregnant. She told me the same night she told her husband and then swore me to secrecy. So I didn't blog about it and we all know how much I like to keep secrets. There for a while I thought I might implode.

February was a quiet month, but I managed to overcome a personal battle I'd been fighting for some time with my first successful pie.

In March I was allowed to tell the world about Julie's pregnancy and her ever growing belly. Also my newest niece graced us with her presence. It's been a big year for babies. And I celebrated one year of blogging by blogging every day for a month (almost).

Next up was my all time favorite month of the year, April.

First up was my birthday. I turned 27 and got geared up for another fantastic year of ME!

Eleven days after my birthday, on April 14th, came the day that changed my life. That fateful day where I said goodbye to my car and hello to a lot of new doctors.

May found me on the sofa all.month.long. Blogging in an inebriated state. Trying to find the silver lining in the situation and evaluating my new reality.

By June I was ready to shed my cast, but shortly after escaping my sofa I found myself imprisoned there again after a second surgery.

But after my short recovery period I was able to get up and start walking again. Rebuilding my strength. This also allowed me to take a good hard look back at how far I'd come.

Along with walking came getting out and rejoining society. It was truly splendid.

When July rolled around I was ready to show my face to the world again. Also, I took over as primary driver of The Hulk. And by the end of the month we took our first road trip together to see Julie and celebrate her first baby shower!

The first week of August we found ourselves at the beach. Me, for the first time in several years. The rest of the month I took a break from blogging because there was a dismal lack of activity that month. It was pretty fantastic.

We rang in September by celebrating three years of marital bliss and then I took another long break to enjoy the last lingering days of summer. I also spent some time in Raleigh with Julie and Frank helping them welcome baby Mina into the world.

The spooktacular month of October wasn't scary at all, but it was very busy.

We spent a good bit of time enjoying the outdoors because the warm weather stayed around for a good long time this year.

I took a moment to reminisce and be grateful for the blessings I'd received.

The end of the month took Andy away from home and on a great cross country adventure. When he came back I gleefully welcomed him home.

November, another busy month, but a good one.

First on the agenda was Julie's baby shower. If I do say so myself it was a hit and I so enjoyed seeing them again. Mina changes daily and it's going to take some effort on my part to keep up.

Andy and I declared war on the gnats that had invaded our home.

We celebrated Thanksgiving. The first in our home with our family with me as the chef. Which is something that made me very, very grateful.

By December we were ready for the year to end, but 2009 was sure to go out with a bang.

I kicked off the month by entering a cookie contest. I didn't win the whole shebang, but I did win a prize and so did one of the lovely ladies that voted for me. That's something I'll fill you in on during the new year.

The holidays are always an adventure and our house was certainly no exception.

Half way through I took another trip down to Raleigh to celebrate the season with Julie and some of my internet friends.

The next weekend brought snow, snow and more snow. We also had to say goodbye to a good friend. Something that is always difficult but when it comes during this special time of year it seems brings and extra bitterness.

Christmas week was bittersweet. And Christmas day can be best described as hellish; thanks in large part to the ice storm that tore through the area on Christmas eve.

That brings us up to date.

I can't remember another year that had such a big impact on my life and how I live it. Nor can I recall a time that I was so happy to see the new year roll around. It's fresh, new and full of possibility.

The year's lessons are something that I will carry with me always. I have been forever altered by the turn my life has taken in 2009. I can't say that I would change any of it, but there are many things that I certainly wouldn't want to do over.

I am so very grateful for all the friends I've made - through this blog, on my medical journey and by happenstance. The love and support I've received from everyone, family and friends, is a priceless piece of joy that lives in my heart.

I'm ready for the new year.

From now on change is something I welcome, and I know that with so many people standing by my side me I can handle whatever comes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drumroll please!

Thanks to all who participated in my poll. I tell ya, this was such a life altering decision, I don't know what I'd have done without you all.

Ok, I'm being sarcastic. Remember what this blog is called. And what I said at the end of yesterday's post.

I'm afraid I did not listen to the majority. And the other two poll options were split fifty-fifty in voters.

So which was it?

Let's start with the before. I managed to get my camera charged and take a snapshot of myself before I left this morning.

And, this is what I came home with.

Andy was on the phone when I walked in the door and he told the person on the other line that I was missing twelve inches of my hair.

But after he had a minute to process it he gave his approval. And I love it too!

I'm ready for what 2010 has in store! Bring on the new year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haircut hangup

Let me begin by saying that I haven't set foot in a salon since May. I know!

Usually six months is my max for going without at least a trim, but a hair cut just hasn't been in our budget. At least, not the kind of hair cut I want. Going to one of those super cuts places is not an option for me. I just won't do it.

The trouble is that whenever I make an appointment this time of year I usually make a drastic change. My hair is really long right now. Longer than it has been in nearly ten years. Given the dry weather and the static that plagues me daily I would like nothing more than to chop off my tresses a la dooce. I mean, how awesome is her haircut? And that baby? Well, we aren't talking about babies - we're talking about hair.

Anyway, I've had a pixie cut before and loved it! But a pixie cut requires a trip to the salon every six weeks or so. Let's remember the budgetary constraints here.

I've decided just to get myself a good trim. Some extra layers to give my hair movement. Also, I've grown very fond of having some form of bang in the last couple of years. Since my last cut my bangs have completely grown out and I hate it. So the major decision here is what kind of bangs to get.

Heavy and blunt:

Or light and wispy:

I had planned on taking a picture of myself today so that you could see exactly what my mop looks like, but then remembered that my camera battery is dead and the charger is being held captive in The Hulk with Andy.

So, this will have to do:

This photo was taken almost two months ago, so my hair was still somewhat reasonable. Imagine it kind of stringy and messy all over.

In case it matters; my hair is fine, but with medium thickness. Thin enough for a big pony tail holder wrapped around three times, but too thick for a skinny one, those just won't hold my hair. It also has a fair amount of natural curl that is easily beaten into submission.

So which face framing fringe should I ask for? What do you think?

Also, keep in mind that I am wildly spontaneous when it comes to my hair and the more I look at that photo of dooce the more I want to chop off all my hair. It is very likely I will ignore all advice and my own judgment and come home missing about a foot of hair.

Update! I added a poll in the side bar for all you non-commenters.

*Photos from Hair Thursday.

Monday, December 28, 2009

So I went shopping this afternoon...

Guess what I bought.

I bet you can't.

Come on! Give it a try!


Alright I'll tell you.

First I stopped at a gas station and purchased petrol for The Hulk.

And then...

After spending several hours going in and out of stores I went back home.

The end.

Not a damn thing, that's what I bought!

My grievances:

  • The sales (if you could call them that) were terrible. I realize that we're in a recession and that stores aren't making as much money, so they want to squeeze every penny they can out of an item, but WE'RE IN A RECESSION! People can't afford to pay full price for things! Not to mention that it's the week after Christmas and there are supposed to be good sales. Come on retailers!
  • What is up with all the horizontal stripes? I mean, I can deal with a few horizontal stripes, they aren't the most flattering things, but in the right colors and on the right top they can work. But horizontal stripes in multiple colors and widths on one shirt? Even the mannequins look fat.
  • Short people can not wear tunics. If you are short, don't bother shopping right now.
  • The clothing is poorly made and ill fitting.
  • How about the "pencil skirt" that resembles a pencil skirt as much a flip flops resemble suede boots? That was a real joy in the fitting room.
I hate shopping online, but I'm to that point. I love winter clothing and to say I'm disappointed is a major understatement.

What are some online shops that you like? I'm in dire straights here. My Christmas cash is burning a hole in my threadbare pocket. Help!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Follow up to my cranky Christmas post

After I had my meltdown on Friday night I made myself put down my phone so I wouldn't call anyone and begin to verbally beat them, I walked away from the computer so I couldn't bah humbug anymore and then made myself some food.

(Let me add here: I fully expected to wake up on Saturday to some nasty comment about how there are starving children in Africa with no house at all and that I should quit my bitching and just be grateful. That's something I've been telling myself since I hit publish on Friday night and I totally would have deserved it. But no one said anything (yet) about how I was being a major brat. Thanks for that.)

So anyway, back to the food. Turns out I was kind of hungry. Ok, like a lot hungry and putting something in my tummy other than Reese's peanut butter cups was a very good decision on my part. Then I sat down in front of the television and put Julie & Julia into the DVD player. It was a gift from my fabulous in laws and I hadn't seen it yet. I LOVE it! The combination of eating good food and watching a movie about people making good food improved my mood considerably. And right about the time the movie was over our water came back on. It just so happens that we are on a well and the pump for the well is on a different power line than our apartment. The power for the well hadn't been restored yet. Not until about 10:30.

At first the toilet was making some seriously crazy sounds. I thought for sure it was going to blow up, which would have just been the icing on the cake that had been Christmas day. So I shut the door to the bathroom and walked away. Next, I called Andy to tell him about the water coming back and the toilet situation and he said, "You just shut the door?" Um, yeah I just shut the door. What the hell did he really think I was going to do about it if the toilet did explode? Being covered in sewage would have completely destroyed the small semblance of a good mood I'd managed to create and I thought shutting the door was a stroke of genius. I told him just that and that if the toilet did explode then at least the mess would be contained to one room.

But, whatever, the toilet didn't explode. So at 11:00 I took a shower, then Andy came home from work and he took a shower and we happily tucked ourselves into bed where visions of working plumbing danced in our heads.

On Saturday I finally got to see my family.

There were several people missing, but it was nice to see most of them anyway.

Highlight of my day:

When my youngest nephew opened his present from Andy and I (a t-shrit with a Mr.Potato head face on it). He held it up to his chest, said, "OH! Thanks!" then tossed it over his shoulder to contiue playing with the toys I'd interrupted him from. I do not have that on video, though I wish I did.

What I do have on video is my family trying to arange themselves for the annual Christmas picture I impose on them.

I thought it might be funny to document, but instead of telling them I just set the camera up on the tripod, pressed record and waited.

Let me apologize in advance for how nasaly and whiny I sound. Apparently that happens when I'm being bossy. I'm gonna' have to do something about it.

What you can't hear is that my uncle Tony is making farting noises at me the whole time. He hates having his picutre taken, like my sweet little husband, and has grown increasingly surly about this photo every year. Also, my grandmother had not had a bath yet that day and refused to be in the photo at first. We got her in there, but she's probably going to tell me not to put the picture on the internet the next time she talks to me. Too late.

There were several missing components to our family because I was there a day late, but I still insisted because there were more than four of us gathered at one time. That's something that only happens on holidays, and after losing some vital people in my family unit I've decided this is absolutely necessary. One day they will all thank me.

It did turn out to be a wonderful Christmas anyway. Somehow it always does. I think it's just the season.

I hope yours was merry and even if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope that you've taken some time out to spend with your family. Even if they drive you batty it's worth it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (kind of)

All Christmas season I've kept my cheer in tip-top shape. I feel like I have so many blessings this year that even stress on the holidays couldn't get in the way of my high. Not a lot of money for presents? No problem! I'm here and able to spend the holidays with my family. That's really all that matters.

So why the Grinchy attitude all of a sudden? Hold on. You'll see.

We need to go back a few days, so I can fill you in.

Wednesday Andy and I went to a funeral. A funeral for a 22 year old that should still be alive. He was healthy and there is no reason he should have passed away. I know that God has his reasons, but so often with death they are hard to see.

After the funeral I asked Andy's sister to take our picture because we are so rarely dressed up together.

(Do you think that's tacky of me to want our picture taken in our funeral attire? I'm not entirely sure that I care what anyone's opinion is. I didn't take the pictures at the funeral or even near it. Seven years ago when my grandfather died, one of my distant uncles took pictures of me with my bereaved family while we were walking to the graveside. That was tacky.)

Andy hates having his picture taken and is a serious pain in the ass, but he's been sick since the beginning of the week so his whining was almost unbearable. This is the best we managed to get out of him before he stormed off proclaiming, "That's it!"

So Wednesday was spent mostly grieving. We got home later than expected and I spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen decorating cookies. Because, like our friend's father said at his son's funeral, "Cameron would want you to have a meaningful Christmas."

I decorated and cooked until I couldn't take anymore and then I woke up early on Thursday morning to do some more.

Thursday was a much more pleasant day. Tiring, but very enjoyable.

I was in the kitchen all day, right up to dinner time. I made sugar cookies and truffles and carrot cake cookies and cinnamon rolls. Plus a few side dishes to go with dinner.

Andy's family came up at about 4 then Andy got home just after 6. That is a miracle in and of itself because Andy never gets home on time on Christmas eve, so we finished up dinner and sat down for a fantastic meal after we opened presents. We gluttoned ourselves as people are likely to do this time of year and after cleaning up and divvying out the leftovers we sent them on their way. They were in a bit of a rush to get going because the forecast was warning of an ice storm on its way.

No matter. Everyone got home safely and, though I was exhausted from the day's activities, I went to bed with great anticipation for the lovely Christmas day ahead of me.

Then the ice storm hit.

Andy slept like a rock because he took his nighttime cold medicine. I, on the other hand, did not self medicate and woke up several times in the night to gale force winds throwing tiny little ice spears at our window. It seemed as though our house would for sure come down on our heads and we would either be crushed or frozen.

Neither of those things happened though and I suffered through the restless night. Waking up at 6:30 to the power flickering on and off. It finally settled on staying on for a bit so I got up to stuff stockings and go ahead and make some coffee lest the power decide to fizzle completely.

I got the coffee made and the stockings stuffed. The power was holding strong; no more flickers. So I attempted to waken my sick, sleepy husband. I don't like to wait to open presents. The five year old in me can not be put off on Christmas morning.

I did not manage to get sir grumps-a-lot out of bed until the power finally died at 8 o'clock.

When he did rise we went into the living room and tore into the gifts... in the dark. Much jubilation for gift opening was had and the bunnies enjoyed playing in the wrapping paper and inspecting their newest treats.

But our little living space was growing cold quickly so we built a fire and Andy set out for the ski shop (which also did not have power). The forecast told of rain to come in the afternoon so I waited a bit before I set off down the mountain to see the family.

Andy came home around noon. The ski shop was cold and going to stay that way until the power came on, so they closed up until that great event occurred and he helped me pack up the car to head off the mountain.

At this point in the day our roads were only wet, so I felt safe making the hour long trek. I kissed my husband goodbye and hopped in the Hulk. Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house I went. Until I got to the next town that was covered in ice and people were totally ignoring road conditions and driving like maniacs.

I decided I'd quite had my fill of car accidents for a lifetime so I turned around and headed back to my husband.

On the upside of all this: I haven't spent Christmas day with Andy in about three years because he is always working. So it was a blessing in disguise that we got to have a little Christmas time together. Even without power, heat or water.

We heated up leftovers in the fireplace and Andy made a make-shift cooler for his winter brews.

Then instead of talking, or playing a game or any other shenanigans, we proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa because I was tired from lack of sleep and Andy's cold hasn't gotten any better.

Then at almost five o'clock I woke up to my sickly love telling me the power was back on and he was going to work.

So here I am. Alone.

I have power, but guess what didn't come back? Our water. Yes, that's right we haven't had water all day either. It's been well over 24 hours since I had a shower and my present mood is declining in direct correlation to my cleanliness.

I keep telling myself that I still have so much to be grateful for, but it isn't putting any pep in my step. Right now I just want to be crabby and upset, and wallow in self pity. So that's what I'm going to do.

The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow and I'm going to go see my family then. Also, come hell or high water (which seems not only possible, but likely at this point) I'm going to have a shower. If not tonight then tomorrow at someone's house who has water.

Despite my unpleasant demeanor I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. Feel free to share your holiday cheer with me. It might help boost my mood.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last minute holiday crafting

Yesterday my friend Jessie brought over an early Christmas present for me. Yay me!

The package was beautiful, but Jessie wanted me to open it in front of her. Not wanting to disappoint I ripped right into that bad boy. She got me a package of various fancy sea salts. Right up my alley. I've already got a recipe picked out!

But we're not talking about the sea salts, we're talking about crafting aren't we. That's what the title of the post says. I'm getting to the crafting part.

This is what the package looked like before I ravaged it:

Gorgeous, right?

It was even better in person. The ribbon was so soft and silky and felt like butter. Also, those snowflakes aren't printed on they're velvet. That's not something you just throw in the trash.

I knew I needed to do something with it. I considered making ornaments out of it.

But I already made a couple for our tree this year out of old holiday cards.

So I decided I should make some garland.

I set out to do just that, but about half way through decided it wasn't going to work. The "garland" didn't hang right and it would have driven me crazy.

What now? I was already half way into my craft and it wasn't going to turn out like I'd hoped.

Then I had an inspiration! We're having Christmas dinner here with Andy's family on Christmas eve and I'm planning on using my fancy dishes.

Only problem is that my fancy dishes are silver and white and don't match my holiday table decorations.


Those place mats and utensil mittens are perfect for my every day dishes, but not so much with the silver and white stuff.

What's a girl to do?

I'm really not this dramatic about it. I usually take the decorations off the table and just let the dishes be the decoration.

But not this year. Not anymore!

I rearranged some snowflakes and turned my failed holiday garland into the perfect table runner for our Christmas eve dinner.

I think I'm in love!

I didn't take step-by-step photos. It's really kind of a no-brain-er. I just cut out the snowflakes and backed them with black cardstock to make them sturdier. After I laid them out like I wanted them I used ribbon, glue and metal grommets to hold it all together. Viola!

It was quick, easy and painless. Well, mostly painless. I did cut my finger with a pair of scissors, because I'm totally smooth like that.

Do you like to do holiday crafts? Or are you all retail all the time?

Monday, December 21, 2009

How I found out about Santa

Remember how I said I can't keep a secret and don't like surprises? Those two particular personality traits have been with me my whole life.

In my child's mind it only made sense to me that if I didn't like surprises then no one else did either. And if I knew a secret about a surprise I told it. Every time.

This particular quirk of mine caused a lot of problems for my brother.

He could keep a secret. And he did like surprises. A lot.

For whatever reason my mom often told me what she got my brother for presents, or what other people got him. Or maybe she didn't have a choice. I've always like to shop and my mom was notorious for giving in to me. I was her strong willed child.

So when she went out shopping I made it a point to tag along and didn't often take no for an answer. On a regular basis I spoiled Josh's birthday and Christmas surprises. He hated it, but I kept on doing it. The suspense was just too much for me to handle.

One year my mom got him a video game that he'd been wanting for his birthday and I told him. He was so mad. It didn't help that my mom found out that I'd spoiled the surprise, so she returned the video game and got him a watch instead. She's going to comment that she doesn't remember this at all. But I remember because I thought for sure I was going to be killed.

I'm getting off topic. We're talking about Christmas, not birthdays.

So anyway, at Christmas time the cycle continued. Santa presents were kept under wraps of course, because why would my mother know for sure what Santa was bringing? But from time to time I would know something that a relative was going to give Josh. And I think by this point we all know what I did with that information.

What is the average age that a child learns the truth about Santa? I'm guessing between eight and ten.

I was five.

I don't remember what the present was. I just know that I told him, and in retaliation he told me the truth about the big jolly guy in red. It wasn't good enough to just hit me, and he'd get in trouble for that for sure. So why not spill the beans?

Of course at first I didn't believe him. How could he possibly know? Had he ever been to the North Pole to see?

Josh set out to make sure there wasn't an ounce of belief left in me. He described, in detail, how he crept downstairs in the wee hours one Christmas morning to find our mother stuffing our stockings and piling presents under the tree.

I think I was momentarily distraught. No Santa? Really?

So I went and asked my mom. She could tell that I had way more information than a five year old should have, so instead of perpetuating the myth she gave in and told me the truth.

Then the skies opened up and the heavenly angels began to sing. No Santa! My mom was Santa!! I had a direct link to the source of the gift giving!!! No more writing letters!!!! No more sitting on some strange man's lap to try to get my message across!!!!!

I was experiencing Christmas "gimme" bliss.

My brother had inadvertently done me a gigantic favor. He had told the world's worst secret keeper the truth about the biggest secret in a child's life. I'm afraid his revenge didn't have quite the impact that he'd hoped for.

Somehow I was able to grasp the importance of this secret. My mom managed to convince me that my friends didn't want to know and it would be very bad if I told them. So, as far as I remember, I did manage to keep the secret from all of my school chums.

My knowledge of the truth never seemed to be a problem, with one small exception.

The next year, when I was in first grade, the teachers were making a bulletin board with students' letters to Santa. One-by-one they called us up so we could give our list and they could write our letter. When they got to me I told the teacher that Santa wasn't real and I didn't write him letters. I flat out refused to give my Christmas list until she asked me what I was asking my mother for that year.

When my letter appeared on the bulletin board it read, "Dear Santa," and I distinctly remember being upset by that. Hadn't I told her Santa wasn't real? Why did this grown-up keep insisting on the existence of a fake person? Clearly, she was delusional.

How did you learn the truth about Santa?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowstorm 2009

This afternoon when I measured the snow outside our door it was about 16 inches. I know several people who have 18 or more. The snow is really beautiful, but when it comes in such great quantities it can be kind of bothersome.

We're supposed to get more snow throughout the night and most of the day tomorrow. It won't be as significant, but another 4 inches on top of what we already have is a whole lot of snow.

Here are some photos and videos I took yesterday and today.

Video from "rush hour"

Our friends Robert and Allison spent the night with us. They were thinking about it in the afternoon, but when the main road was closed that pretty much sealed the deal. This is Robert's car right after they pulled up.

Andy got home shortly after 11. The Hulk has a lift and 33 inch tires.

Kind of grumpy after a long day at work. Also, Allison, Robert and I were watching Christmas movies and Andy doesn't really like Christmas movies.

Love my snowman flag. It's kind of perfect right now!

I decided I wanted to go walk around since I hadn't been out yet. So of course it made perfect sense to throw on my snow boots with my pajama bottoms.

I tried to take a picture of a snow covered tree, but the falling snow kind of got in the way.

Align CenterNo feet!
My footprints away from and back to the door. I didn't go far - it was cold!

Andy had to dig himself a hole so he could get into the storage room. He needed some more snow gear.

The temperature this morning around 8:30 am. It has stayed pretty steady all day. I think it's supposed to hover around this for the next three days or so.

People in the parking lot next door came early to dig themselves out before the snow started again.

This is the side yard. I took this and the photo above from a window.

After a big waffle breakfast it was time to dig the cars out.

The heat from the cars the night before melted some of the snow and then it refroze. Robert and Andy had a heck of a time getting the cars out this morning. First they got the Hulk out. Then they dug out Robert's car, but it just slipped around so Andy had to offer his assistance.

Explaining the process and plan:

Putting the plan into action:

Allison and I played with the camera while the men did all the hard labor. Actually I think Allison did some shoveling too, but I was inside and didn't come out until they'd gotten all the difficult stuff done. Good timing!

If you got snow, I hope you're enjoying it like we are. If you didn't, I hope you're enjoying your freedom.


On a different note:

Andy and I received some very sad news this afternoon.

A close friend of ours passed away in his sleep last night. We are close with his whole family and our hearts are breaking for them. He was only 23 and right now it looks like he aspirated in his sleep. He was visiting home for the holiday season and his parents found him this morning.

Things like this never come at a good time, but something about losing a loved one during this time of year seems to make it extra hard.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they try to cope with this sudden, terrible loss.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photogenic Friday: What was I thinking?

The ski shop rents a lot of ski bibs and jackets through the season. Usually they take the laundry to the local laundry mat, but have decided that isn't economically sound anymore, and have been trying to figure out a better way to get the laundry done.

It's coming down to crunch time. The slope has been open since Thanksgiving weekend and they haven't had the laundry done yet. It hasn't been terribly busy, but with the snow forecast this weekend they're about to shift into high gear.

So I agreed to do the laundry. It's not like I have anything better to do all day. It will save the shop money and they pay Andy's salary. So helping them save money means that they can keep paying Andy and that's a good thing. Also, they are paying me to do it which gives us a little more dough.

Sounds like a good idea all around, right?

I thought so. Until Andy brought me the last month's worth of laundry today.

If you can't tell there are six giant trash bags full of dirty ski clothes. S-I-X!

I was slightly unprepared for the magnitude of laundry that needed to be done.

But then I reminded myself that it hadn't been done in nearly a month and usually they launder every week. So it won't always be this bad.

And since this is what it looks like outside:

I'm not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. I've got nothing but time.

My weekend plans include: Laundry, reading, laundry, playing with bunnies, laundry, watching Christmas movies... oh, and did I mention laundry?

I lead such a glamorous life.

Have a happy and safe snow filled weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeding frenzy

The bunnies' favorite time of day is treat time. Sometimes they start to beg early, but I usually give them treat each night shortly before bedtime.

They like routine. And so do I.

Anyway, this video shows just how excited they get. They can see me here, but they don't have to see me to know it's treat time. All I have to do is start shaking the bag and they come running. And heaven forbid I don't get them out of the bag fast enough because then the world might come to an end!

Notice how Milton finished his and then tried to go for Brunswick's. I'm convinced that Brunswick eats his slowly to rub it in Milton's face.

Then when I held out my hand Milton is still holding on to a shred of hope. "Please, Sir, I want some more."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brutally honest

Jamee gave me another award earlier this week! How sweet is she?

The Honest Scrap Award requires you to list 10 honest things about yourself. Here goes:

  1. I can not keep a secret. Well, I guess I can if I have to, but I don't like it. I'm a blabber mouth and proud of it.
  2. I hate surprises. Unless I don't know about them before they happen. I work on a strictly need to know basis and if you tell me that you have a surprise for me then I NEED TO KNOW!
  3. I keep my hair long because Andy prefers it that way. He says he doesn't care, but I know better. When I was twenty I cut if off in a pixie cut and he hated it. But I loved it and would keep it that way forever if I didn't care what he thought.
  4. I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas. Less commercialism & less stress.
  5. Some days I'd like to be a mother ASAP. Other days I think I could go another five years or so.
  6. I own all the Dixie Chicks albums and know the words to all the songs. Go ahead and judge me.
  7. I didn't drink a sip of alcohol until six months after I turned twenty one.
  8. I've surprised myself with this blog. When I started it I never really thought I'd keep up with it, but I have and I actually really enjoy it.
  9. I didn't get asked out a lot in high school. I always thought it was because the guys didn't like me, but then my junior year one of my male friends told me it was because they were all intimidated by me. When you're in high school self confidence doesn't do much for your social life, but I wouldn't have traded it for a thousand dates.
  10. All I want for Christmas is the new Harry Potter movie. Truly. Between my family, friends and sweet, flop eared trouble makers I've got everything I need. Well, maybe a reeses cup or two would be nice.
Now, there aren't any mandates for passing this on. At least, Jamee didn't post them. I don't want to give out a blog award for the sake of passing it along, so I'm going to save my passing opportunity until I find the right person/blog. Feel free to nominate someone if you'd like!