Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Blog Year in Review

Here's a look back at what 2009 was like on my blog and in my life.

January brought lot's of excitement.

First I set a goal that would take an entire year to fulfill.

Our country turned over a new leaf by inaugurating a new president. I'll keep my personal feelings on his progress to date under wraps; as is the tradition on this blog and in my personal life.

Also, my very best friend found out she was pregnant. She told me the same night she told her husband and then swore me to secrecy. So I didn't blog about it and we all know how much I like to keep secrets. There for a while I thought I might implode.

February was a quiet month, but I managed to overcome a personal battle I'd been fighting for some time with my first successful pie.

In March I was allowed to tell the world about Julie's pregnancy and her ever growing belly. Also my newest niece graced us with her presence. It's been a big year for babies. And I celebrated one year of blogging by blogging every day for a month (almost).

Next up was my all time favorite month of the year, April.

First up was my birthday. I turned 27 and got geared up for another fantastic year of ME!

Eleven days after my birthday, on April 14th, came the day that changed my life. That fateful day where I said goodbye to my car and hello to a lot of new doctors.

May found me on the sofa all.month.long. Blogging in an inebriated state. Trying to find the silver lining in the situation and evaluating my new reality.

By June I was ready to shed my cast, but shortly after escaping my sofa I found myself imprisoned there again after a second surgery.

But after my short recovery period I was able to get up and start walking again. Rebuilding my strength. This also allowed me to take a good hard look back at how far I'd come.

Along with walking came getting out and rejoining society. It was truly splendid.

When July rolled around I was ready to show my face to the world again. Also, I took over as primary driver of The Hulk. And by the end of the month we took our first road trip together to see Julie and celebrate her first baby shower!

The first week of August we found ourselves at the beach. Me, for the first time in several years. The rest of the month I took a break from blogging because there was a dismal lack of activity that month. It was pretty fantastic.

We rang in September by celebrating three years of marital bliss and then I took another long break to enjoy the last lingering days of summer. I also spent some time in Raleigh with Julie and Frank helping them welcome baby Mina into the world.

The spooktacular month of October wasn't scary at all, but it was very busy.

We spent a good bit of time enjoying the outdoors because the warm weather stayed around for a good long time this year.

I took a moment to reminisce and be grateful for the blessings I'd received.

The end of the month took Andy away from home and on a great cross country adventure. When he came back I gleefully welcomed him home.

November, another busy month, but a good one.

First on the agenda was Julie's baby shower. If I do say so myself it was a hit and I so enjoyed seeing them again. Mina changes daily and it's going to take some effort on my part to keep up.

Andy and I declared war on the gnats that had invaded our home.

We celebrated Thanksgiving. The first in our home with our family with me as the chef. Which is something that made me very, very grateful.

By December we were ready for the year to end, but 2009 was sure to go out with a bang.

I kicked off the month by entering a cookie contest. I didn't win the whole shebang, but I did win a prize and so did one of the lovely ladies that voted for me. That's something I'll fill you in on during the new year.

The holidays are always an adventure and our house was certainly no exception.

Half way through I took another trip down to Raleigh to celebrate the season with Julie and some of my internet friends.

The next weekend brought snow, snow and more snow. We also had to say goodbye to a good friend. Something that is always difficult but when it comes during this special time of year it seems brings and extra bitterness.

Christmas week was bittersweet. And Christmas day can be best described as hellish; thanks in large part to the ice storm that tore through the area on Christmas eve.

That brings us up to date.

I can't remember another year that had such a big impact on my life and how I live it. Nor can I recall a time that I was so happy to see the new year roll around. It's fresh, new and full of possibility.

The year's lessons are something that I will carry with me always. I have been forever altered by the turn my life has taken in 2009. I can't say that I would change any of it, but there are many things that I certainly wouldn't want to do over.

I am so very grateful for all the friends I've made - through this blog, on my medical journey and by happenstance. The love and support I've received from everyone, family and friends, is a priceless piece of joy that lives in my heart.

I'm ready for the new year.

From now on change is something I welcome, and I know that with so many people standing by my side me I can handle whatever comes.

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