Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tree skirt bandit

I've never been able to bring myself to fork over good money for a tree skirt. There are many Christmas-y type things that I'll waste our hard earned money on, but a tree skirt isn't one of them. One reason for that is because I've never really found one I like enough to buy and the other reason is because... well, you'll see.

In lieu of a traditional tree skirt I just use festive fabric that I found for the right price. First I cover the tree stand with a solid red piece of cloth and then I bunch up green tulle around it for a little extra kick.

These stay in place exactly as long as it takes the bunnies to realize they are there. Presents under the tree? I think not.

The following videos show you just what Milton thinks of the tree skirt.

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After I filmed this first one Andy* told me Milton wasn't growling. He thinks the sound I hear is Milton's nails scratching the tulle. Since I've never heard either of my bunnies growl at anything I'm guessing that Andy is probably right. But I think it's more fun to pretend like he's growling at the tulle. (In case you're wondering, yes, bunnies can, and do, growl sometimes)

Thirty seconds after I stopped filming Milton moved to the other side of the tree:

Now, I feature Milton on this blog a lot. I don't want you getting the wrong idea and think I prefer Milton to Brunswick. That's not the case.

The thing is that Milton gets into a lot more trouble than Brunswick.

To illustrate my point:

While Milton was doing this
Brunswick was doing this
We're the proud pet parents of one very high strung bunny and one very lazy bunny.

Not to say that Brunswick doesn't have his moments. Just this evening I caught him as he was successfully chewing through a strand of Christmas lights. I just didn't get it on video because I was busy trying to keep him from being electrocuted.

How do your fur babies get involved in the holidays?

*Did you hear what Andy was saying to Milton in the first video before I shushed him? He wonders why the bunnies behave better for me.

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