Monday, December 28, 2009

So I went shopping this afternoon...

Guess what I bought.

I bet you can't.

Come on! Give it a try!


Alright I'll tell you.

First I stopped at a gas station and purchased petrol for The Hulk.

And then...

After spending several hours going in and out of stores I went back home.

The end.

Not a damn thing, that's what I bought!

My grievances:

  • The sales (if you could call them that) were terrible. I realize that we're in a recession and that stores aren't making as much money, so they want to squeeze every penny they can out of an item, but WE'RE IN A RECESSION! People can't afford to pay full price for things! Not to mention that it's the week after Christmas and there are supposed to be good sales. Come on retailers!
  • What is up with all the horizontal stripes? I mean, I can deal with a few horizontal stripes, they aren't the most flattering things, but in the right colors and on the right top they can work. But horizontal stripes in multiple colors and widths on one shirt? Even the mannequins look fat.
  • Short people can not wear tunics. If you are short, don't bother shopping right now.
  • The clothing is poorly made and ill fitting.
  • How about the "pencil skirt" that resembles a pencil skirt as much a flip flops resemble suede boots? That was a real joy in the fitting room.
I hate shopping online, but I'm to that point. I love winter clothing and to say I'm disappointed is a major understatement.

What are some online shops that you like? I'm in dire straights here. My Christmas cash is burning a hole in my threadbare pocket. Help!


  1. I am a huge NY&Co fan. I LOVE their pants - they come in Average, Tall and Short. For a tall girl who loves her boots, but not highwater slacks - this store gets all of my $$!! Especially last week with the 50% off sales... Good luck! If you cant find anywhere to spend that money just send it on down my way. I can help get rid of it.

  2. Love Land's End -- I order a bunch of stuff, try it on, then return it to my Sears store that carries Land's End.