Monday, December 14, 2009

Festivus weekend!!!!!!!!!!

It has been one hellish day around here. I haven't got anything accomplished that I wanted to. Mostly because other things demanded my attention.

I was so angry at one point I couldn't speak to other people without biting their heads off, so I avoided society for a while today.

So this post is coming about eight hours later than I had planned and after a cocktail (or two) to take the edge off. Please forgive any typo's that are sure to occur. There is a good possibility that I'll edit this tomorrow.

This past weekend was positively filled with the holiday spirit. Just bursting with it!

It has become a tradition of mine to spend a weekend early in December with my bestie Julie. It gives us the opportunity to spread the collective cheer and not just say hi and bye on Christmas day when we are trying to spend time with our families and everyone in between.

So I went to Raleigh this weekend. Spent some time with Julie, Frank and Mina and also got to see some of my "creepy internet friends" from The Nest. If you don't know what The Nest is you should totally check it out. I would link to it, but like I said, I've had a cocktail (or three) and I just don't have the patience for that right now. Google is your friend.

Here are some photos from my fun filled weekend.

First, thing first
Julie needed to shop for some "in between" jeans
So Mina and I had some fun with
the camera in the dressing room
Decked out for the Tacky Sweater party
People don't sell tacky sweaters anymore
Did you know that?
Some Nesties
More nestiesMere with Harrison Even more Nesties
Julie takes a moment to feed Mina
She was a trouper
(I'm talking about Mina)
Alethea's Hanukkah socks
And cake
Pami strikes a pose
Most of the group
"The world's ugliest house"
Found on the way to the party
Side building (I'm guessing garage)
Attached to "The world's ugliest house"
The pictures don't do it justice
It really needed to be experienced in person
Going to Church
Mina is impersonating Cindi Lauper
"Stupid paparazzi!"
Ok, that's all folks. I've got some great posts planned for this week, so stay tunned!

Now I'm going to go enjoy a cocktail (or four). Ok, not really. I'm 5'2 and weight... oh, who am I kidding? A lady never tells how much she weighs! Let's just say that if I had four cocktails I'd be in a coma.

I'm pretty impressed with myself for still being whitty after a few cocktails though.


  1. Sorry I missed the tacky sweater party! Between sick baby, sick me and not having enough time to get everything done during the week, I just couldn't make it :(

  2. I think this might be the last year I get to wear those Hanukkah socks...especially since the hole in that foot is already showing! Those socks were given to me 10 years ago by a customer and fellow Jew at Sbux. :-) I lurve them!

    Oh, and it's only totally appropro that my security word is Juden!

  3. Joanna,

    Looks like you had a good weekend. Which by the way you truly deserve. I'm so glad you have found so many friends.

    Mina looked as if she was enjoying the whole travel thing.

    I loved her outfit.

    And please tell me you didn't buy shirts with lights on them. Those were real Chirstmas tree lights just hanging around you, right?