Monday, May 26, 2008


Can someone please explain to me the phenomenon that is my hair? For at least two weeks now it has done nothing but be a pain in my ass. It looks like poo as soon as I walk out the door in the morning. So why now two days before my hair appointment is it acting perfectly. Why does it insist on being fabulous right before I'm going to have a life changing hair cut? Ok, not really life changing, I'm not planning on chopping it all off, but I am considering something a lot different. But now I'm reconsidering having a drastic change since it has decided it would like to cooperate with me and my shiny new hairdryer (see below). Time will tell. Perhaps tomorrow it will be back to it's craptastic self and I'll keep plan A.

In other news: The new dryer is installed. Yippie! Gone are the days of elevated power bills and believing fully that the dryer will take off and fly away at any minute.

We're going to a Memorial Day bbq in a bit with a lot of people who are a lot younger than us and as a result have a lot more energy. Andy just came in the door and said he was tired.

Him: I'm tired wifey.

Me: Do you not want to go then?

Him: No, I want to go. I'll just have a little rest before we leave.

So is he 25 or 52?

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