Thursday, April 23, 2009

I needed a new toothbrush anyway

Until yesterday my mouth has been too swollen to brush my teeth. Getting something in my mouth bigger than a straw is a challenge, much less moving something around and trying not to snag the stitches. So yesterday, after my visit to the oral surgeon, Andy went and picked up a children's toothbrush for me to use. The tiny head is small enough to maneuver around my top teeth. My jaw and bottom teeth are still too sore to try, so I just rinse it with a special solution.

At least it's festive. Andy also came back with a Dora the Explorer toothbrush because it was purple, my favorite color. I opted for the pink lady bugs to start.

Don't you love my halloween t-shirt? I laughed when Andy brought it into the bathroom tonight and promised him that from now on I'd go in the bedroom with him to help pick out my clothes before the shower.


Compared to what Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian have been through these last eight months, my personal trauma is inconsequential.

Read her, love her, and pray for her as she goes in for more surgery.

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  1. Sweet toothbrush :) How sweet that he got you one in your favorite color.