Friday, August 14, 2009

Photogenic Friday: Ginger

This is what Andy looked like every time he set foot on the beach last week.

Oh, wait. This was before he found a hat, so imagine him with a baseball cap on too and that is what he looked like the hand full of times that he came to the beach with me.

I spent as much time as humanly possible basking in beachy vacation time. I got a little sunburned, but nothing too bad.

If Andy had spent as much time in the sun as I did he'd still look like a lobster with no end in sight.

He's sensitive people. An hour in the sun with or without sunscreen and he looks like his skin has been set on fire.

So he found other means of use for his time. He tells me he enjoyed himself and I'll just have to take his word for it. I think what he really enjoyed was not being at work for a week. I can't say that I blame him.

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