Friday, March 4, 2011

Here is a list

Hello, from the great frozen tundra!

It's March! Already! Where did January and February go?

I started writing this post two days ago, but it was Andy's day off and after I typed out the first couple sentences he came in the room and distracted me, so I lost my train of thought and gave up.

Anyway, this is what's happening:

  • Wednesday was so warm you didn't need a jacket. Yesterday the temperatures cooled a bit and last night it started snowing. It's still snowing. 
  • My fingernails have grown out too much. They're so long that it's making it hard for me to type this. I'm too lazy to do anything about it. 
  • There has been a problem with Andy's truck. He's been able to drive it, but it didn't have heat, among other things, and he was finally able to find the time to fix it on Wednesday. (Why didn't we just take it to a repair shop? Because labor fees here are twice what they were in NC, and a repair that cost Andy just under $100 to do himself would have cost over $400 at a mechanic. That's why.)
  • I love my bunnies. They are so cuddly and lovable. Even though Brunswick wakes me up every morning before 5, and Milton can make some of the biggest messes you've ever seen for something so small. I love them anyway. 
  • My birthday is 30 days away. I'll be 29. The last year of my twenties.
  • The last day Andy's store is open is on my birthday. He's started counting down the days. Which is convenient for me since I usually count down to my birthday anyway. 
  • We hate it here. HATE. Andy has started calling it Winter Disneyland and saying, "People don't live in Disneyland." Which is true. They visit Disneyland and then they go home to reality. Except this is "home" for us right now. I use the word "home" loosely because we are going to get the hell out of Dodge as soon as possible.
  • It doesn't rain here. Ever. I knew this before coming. Most of the precipitation comes in the form of snow and the rest of the year it's sunny and dry. All that sunshine sounded like a great idea. I miss rain.
  • Today is my niece's second birthday. I'm not there to make her a cake. That makes me sad.
  • We have made some decisions about what our next move will be. I'll share that will you as soon as we have a solid plan in place. Until then, I'm going to bide my time in this miserable place. 
Happy weekend!

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