Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Do you ever feel like you could have a complete mental breakdown? Just like you're exhausted, physically and mentally, and it just kind of hits you all of a sudden? Not because of one particular thing, but because of a build up of things over time, and if you could just explode you'd feel better. If you could just melt into a puddle of tears or scream really loud for a long time things would be all better again.

Sometimes I feel like this. I feel like this right now actually. When I was younger it happened more often, but now it only comes up on me once or twice a year. I usually end up in a puddle of tears instead of screaming. Mainly because I can hide myself in a room and no one will know I'm crying, but screaming is audible and someone might call the police to come and get this crazy woman who won't stop screaming.

I also think I would feel better if I could get in some aerobic exercise. That's hasn't been working out for me lately. It'd help a lot if the sun came out before 7 and stayed out past 5. Damn this daylight savings.

I'm going to go eat an ice cream cone and wait for the flood gates to open. I hope you're all having a wonderful week and not about to have a meltdown. Some of us have to stay sane after all.

Happy, almost, New Year!

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