Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Years Eve. I hope this evening finds you happy and in good company.

Today is a day of goodbyes. Goodbye to another year and goodbye to one of my family members. This afternoon I attended a memorial service for the woman my mother is named after. Four months ago she was diagnosed with cancer and this past Sunday she lost her battle.

Death is never an easy thing, but I can't help but feel that is might be worse when someone passes during the holidays. It marks that holiday season forever with the memory of when someone you love ceases to be with you. Holidays are always hard when you're missing a person. My heart goes out to my family. To the husband, children, grandchildren and everyone else that is left with a hole in their heart this New Years Eve. I pray that this next year will bring them peace and as much closure as they can find. I also hope that they can continue to make happy memories as they carry their old ones with them. Ms. Julia will live on in their hearts and I trust that in time they will feel like celebrating again.

Likewise, I wish all of you a peaceful and prosperous new year. I hope it's happier than any years in your past.

Be safe and enjoy your evening.

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