Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beads, baby bumps,and toenails

I guess last week wasn't technically vacation, because I don't really consider our state capital a tourist destination. But getting off my mountain and away from my regular life for any amount of time constitutes a vacation in my book.

I drove down on Wednesday to spend some time with Julie and Frank and little bunny (that's what they call their baby).

We didn't do a whole lot besides lounge by the pool. Our last day we got rained out of the pool though, that sucked. I did, however, manage to make it back home with a great base tan. I'm rip, roarin' and ready to go to the beach in a little over a week for my actual, factual vacation.

By the pool on Friday,
before the thunderstorm
Julie asked for my help to make a necklace
for her to wear at her shower
The finished product
We also made a single strand as a
hostess gift, but in different colors
I painted Julie's toes for her
because she can't reach them,
and I painted mine because freshly painted toes always
make me feel prettier
I ended my vacation time with Julie on Saturday. Her older brother and sister-in-law are also expecting their first child this fall and both of the mommies-to-be were given showers on Saturday. It was a very busy end to my relaxing week, but it was so much fun. I always enjoy spending time with Julie's family. I can't wait to meet baby Giada and little bunny in just a few, short months!

Julie's brother, Shawn,
and her sister-in-law, Amanda
at their baby shower
Julie with her mother-in-law, Martha
who hosted Julie's shower
Me, Julie, Amanda and
Amanda's friend Leanne

This past Monday I had a visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor for my post op check up. Everything looks good and he said he wanted to see me back in a year. A year? Really? I don't have experience with this type of thing and I'm not sure if this is routine. I have an inkling that he would have released me if I were just a "regular" patient. But I'm still tender and somewhat swollen and I guess he wants to make sure that everything has healed up like it should and we don't need to do anything else. I'm guessing that this appointment a year from now is purely precautionary.

My ankle continues to improve. I have started running again, hip, hip, hooray! It's certainly a work in progress, but I usually feel pretty good after my workouts. Any shift in weather causes me some discomfort and spending a great deal of time on my feet leaves me a little swollen. I wore heels for the first time this past weekend and it really wasn't that bad. I was proud of myself. I also took advantage of my pool time last week to do some laps and try to help strengthen my muscles some more. That really seems to have helped. It seems my biggest obstacle is going to be working on flexibility.

My teeth continue to move and I go back to the orthodontist next week. That always stresses me out. My last appointment was pretty horrible and if this one is at all similar I'm going to really appreciate our beach vacation the next week. I visited a periodontist a few weeks ago and he didn't seem as negative as all the other oral doctors have been. I know it's a possibility that I can still lose more teeth, but I don't need them to remind me of it every time I visit their office.

I do have some bad news. Apparently, during the accident, I cracked a molar on my right side and a piece of the tooth chipped off a few day ago. We think maybe the stress that the brace is putting on my tooth made the crack worse and that's why it chipped, but it looks like there is another piece that could come off. It hurt just before it chipped, but it doesn't bother me now, so I'm not really sure what the problem is. If it's cracked though I'm pretty sure they'll have to remove it. I'll let you know what the orthodontist says next week.

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