Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Andy and I have always had different tastes in music. I just never knew how different until Friday night.

We were flipping through television channels when he came across a music game show.

On this particular show there was a singer performing a popular song. From time to time the singer would stop and the contestants earned points by singing the rest of the lyrics correctly.

The show displayed the words to each song at the bottom of the television. Like karaoke.

The next song up was one by Taylor Swift. The band started playing and the singer jumped right in. So did Andy.

I, myself, am not at all a fan of Taylor Swift. I can't tell you the name of the song they were singing and I can't tell you the lyrics. Of course I recognized it because they play Taylor Swift songs on the radio like it's a federal law. But the only way I could sing along was to watch the words on the screen. I mean, ten years ago I wold have been all over her music, but now I'm older and wiser. It's not personal. It's a matter of taste.

But Andy seemed to be singing with a little more pep and I couldn't quite tell if he was just watching the words or if he really knew the song.

So I asked him.

Me: Are you singing along with the words on the screen or do you really know the lyrics by heart? 

Him: (looking sheepish) No, I know the song.

Me: What?! Why?!

Him: I don't know I just do. Her songs are catchy.

Me: (dumbfounded) But you know she's a teeny bopper that sings about high school dances and kissing frogs and that sort of crap, right? What is wrong with you?!

Him: (I'm pretty sure he was blushing at this point) I don't know! I just like her music. I can't explain it!

Me: I don't even know who you are anymore.

I plan on holding this over his head for a while. And the next time he complains about my Fergie album playing on repeat I have two words for him, "Taylor Swift."

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