Monday, July 7, 2008

Week 2, Day 1 C25K, repeat.

Andy and I got busy (read: lazy) last week and we only completed two of the days in our C25K program. So we decided to just do the whole week over. We just finished the first night (again) and my knees are putting up a battle. I don't know what is wrong. I've never had knee problems. And they haven't hurt until today. They have been hurting at work though, especially if they are bent for a long period of time. So I'm going to try and keep them uncrossed and not tuck my feet under me. We'll see how it goes. It could result in back pain because my back has never been real happy about me sitting in the same position for a long period of time. Hope and pray that my body is just trying to adjust and this isn't it's way of telling me to knock it off.

My long weekend was nice and relaxing. I had a long to do list, of which I only got a couple of things done. But it was nice to have some extra time away from work and to just relax. Andy worked the whole weekend, which was kind of crappy, but that's the job and it doesn't happen every weekend.

He did manage to get off early Sunday and we went to see Wanted. We never go to the movies, so this was quite the night out for us. We got popcorn, a drink and two types of candy. The movie was good. I would watch it again. Probably not in the theater, but something has to be Oscar worthy for me to pay that much again to see it. Since our $1 theater closed we are cheapskates about the movies.

I finally managed to get some wedding pictures framed this weekend!! They are propped up on the mantle until we decide where to hang them. But, hell, after two years I finally have something in a frame! Woohoo!!

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