Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in action

Nearly two months after my last run I finally got my ass in gear this morning. I've been making false promises to myself for weeks now that I was going to get back out there and burn some tennis shoe rubber, but it never happened. Something clicked when I woke up this morning and I decided that today was the day. I knew I would need to start slow because it had been so long and before that I wasn't a runner. Baby steps people.

I actually felt really good for about the first nine minutes and then things went downhill. I got a cramp in my side because I've forgotten how to breathe correctly. So after ten minutes I walked for three and started back up again. Five minutes later my cramp was back in full swing so I just did my cool down walk and went home. I actually feel pretty good about it though. My goal was to run at least fifteen minutes and that's what I did, even if I did have a break.

Breathing was really the only problem, so once I get that under control again I should be up to my old times in just a few days.

Wish me luck!

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