Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Andy and I are going to sit down and look at our wedding album later tonight. I just finished it a few months ago, so this is the first anniversary that we won't have to view our pictures on a computer screen.

Here is a sampling of what we'll be looking at tonight. Enjoy!

Jenn put on my earrings (something blue)
while Julie laced up my dress

The bottom of my shoes
I did this myself
My mom and I had matching shoesAshley had the ring situation under controlSeeing Andy for the first timeAndy seeing me for the first timePinning on his boutonnièrePortrait in the stairwellOne of the few good ones I have of AndyThe boysThe girlsSaying our vowsIsn't the church beautiful?Right after the ceremonyA moment alone before everyone joined usOne of the gifts waiting for us The cake and cupcakes
(Julie and I made those green fondant hearts
and stamped them with an "S" to match the caked topper)Cutting the cakeAndy thought my garter was up too high
He was embarrassedGoodbye!

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