Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Writer's block?

Um, not so much. As a matter of fact I have anything but writer's block. I wake up daily with all kinds of crazy thoughts swirling around in my head.

So what's the problem? In my head all these thoughts link. They connect and it makes sense. But writing them out and publishing them for the interwebs to read? That is a little tricky. I have seriously considered sitting down here at my blog and just letting my stream of consciousness have it's way with a post. Then I remind myself that I can barely sort through my own thoughts, much less expect anyone who reads this mess to understand how I got from what to make for dinner that night to the current state of the economy to how I can get both of the bunnies to use their litter boxes all of the time.

I usually spend my time in the shower trying to sort it all out. I know. Crazy right? I promise myself that as soon as I get out of the shower I'm going to sit my ass in front of the computer and give you all what you want: The inner workings of my confusing brain. No? That isn't what you want? Well, then I guess that's why I haven't shared my thoughts with you in a while. Or because I confuse myself and by the time I get out of the shower I can't remember what I was planning on writing about.

These days things seem so uncertain. Once upon a time that would have been exciting to me, but now, not so much. I want to know. What is going to happen with the world we are living in? What is going to happen in my own life? If any of you can see the future please feel free to share it with me. It might help put my mind at ease. Or not. Either way, I'd like to know.

One thing I am certain of is that change is coming. I'm not just talking about what is happening with the presidential election or with our economy. I mean in my own life; change is coming. I can feel it. It isn't often that I get such a conviction, but I know that somehow something is going to be different in my life. Good or bad I can't tell, but different for sure.


On a completely different note! I need to take a moment to wish a happy anniversary to Julie and Frank. Julie is my best friend and has been for nearly eleven years now. She and Frank got married exactly two weeks after Andy and I did.

I don't have a picture of them at their wedding. My beloved friend is not so good with sharing pictures online. I do have this one though, from the first time Julie met Frank's parents. I'm not sure why I have this. Perhaps it's because Julie forced me to do her makeup for the evening and stole my diamond hoop earrings (just for the night) and she thought I should have a memento for all of my hard work. Or it could be because she looks so damn cute and she knew that many years later I would have an outlet to share their picture with everyone in the world . So here you go world, Julie and Frank six and a half years ago:

Now, while I don't have a picture of Julie and Frank on their wedding day, I do have a picture of she and I on her wedding day. Because really, is the groom that important? I did her makeup this day too and her hair to boot. Really, you flatter me with your applause.

Happy Anniversary you guys!!! I hope you have many, many more.

**I read this post in my actual blog after I published it. I thought my eyes were going to pop out after trying to read the white on black. Why didn't someone tell me? Ouch. Sorry guys, that won't happen again.**

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  1. Aww thanks! I am not sure why you have that picture either but you atleast have one. I have a picture of you and Andy from his senior homecoming. We just have odd pictures! Hugs!