Friday, June 26, 2009

Photogenic Friday: The Milton Edition

Dear Milton,

I was going to do an interview with you like I did with Brunswick, but you don't sit still long enough so I decided to write you a letter instead.

This month you turn one year old. Two months from now marks the anniversary of when you became a member of our family. I'm sorry we called you Mabel for three weeks. When the lady at the pet shop told us you were a girl I was a little afraid that she didn't know what she was talking about and as it turned out I was right. But you let us know as soon as you could that you were not, in fact, a girl. Thanks for telling us. It certainly helped Daddy and I understand your strange behavior to your brother.

I'll also apologize for your birthday present. I guess it wasn't much of a present. For Brunswick's birthday we got him a bag of granola and we got you fixed for yours. I have to say I was a little worried about you and how you would handle the anesthesia. You've always had an extra sensitive system. It did seem to take you a long time to come out of your medicinal daze, but you're back to your sassy self now. In about two weeks you'll start to feel a lot different. I know it wasn't fun, but you're ok now and it was a necessary evil. I promise you don't have to do it again.

Daddy and I have really enjoyed having you around. You certainly always make things interesting. Brunswick likes having you around too - at least he does now. At first you guys didn't get along so well and you cost Mommy and Daddy a good bit of money on a tiny tube of ointment for your brother's eye. But that's alright, I forgive you and so does Brunswick.

Your energy is boundless and you never cease to amaze me with it. Just when I think you're down for the count you're off again, making laps around the living room, chasing your brother around, sniffing and marking my shoes. Because we all know what a tragedy it would be if every.single.thing in our apartment didn't smell like you.

I really enjoy watching you chase the broom around. I think I could play with you all day long, but I run out of energy way before you do. Recently you've come to love the game of "chase" where I follow you into a corner and then when I turn around you follow me back across the room. I also love it that you come out from your hidey hole just to say hi to Daddy and I.

You like to pretend that you're aloof and above needing affection, but I know you better than that. Nothing satisfies you more than getting a couple of pets and kisses from us. You're such a stinker and you get pretty jealous of your brother if you think he's getting more love than you. You've nibble holes in a couple of my favorite shirts because you wanted me to pay attention you you instead. I'd appreciate it if you'd find another way to get my attention.

I have to say that you put up with my shenanigans pretty well. A lot better than Brunswick, that's for sure. You don't complain too much when I dress you up or try to make you pose for the camera. But you're so curious of the camera I have a lot of close up pictures of your nose.

Daddy and I love you so much little fuzz ball. Don't ever change. And I promise that next year your birthday will be much better and it won't involve surgery.

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