Sunday, June 28, 2009

A weekend spent out of doors

We've had a really awesome weekend. It's so nice to be out and about doing things again.

Yesterday I traveled to Greensboro for a joint birthday party for my oldest nephew and niece. I was worried for a couple of reasons. First, I was pretty sure I was going to have to drive all the way there and I haven't driven on the interstate since before the accident. I did indeed drive, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The traffic was really not so bad and there weren't too many crazy drivers out there. Second, I'm not used to the heat in the lower part of the state. My mountain has hardly seen 90 degrees yet this summer and I was not at all looking forward to being outside with all the extra heat and humidity. But, once again, my worries were for naught because it really wasn't all that awful. We picnicked in the shade and while I did sweat more than usual I wasn't miserable. So that was good.

The party was at Bur-Mil park and after the picnic the kids were going swimming at the pool there. I went prepared to swim with them, but my ankle was swollen pretty bad at that point and I was already exhausted. So some of us decided to call it a day and head home. The journey home wasn't too bad either, but by the time I got back up the mountain to our apartment I crashed. I took a lovely little nap while Andy went for a bike ride and then we went out for a late dinner.

I made these cupcakes for the party.
Butterflies for Veronica and trains for Jerem.
I got the idea from Hello Cupcake! which my
mother-in-law gave me.
The butterflies are in the book and the
trains were my own creation.
The cupcake recipe came out of it too.
Banana Chocolate and they were yummy!
The baby was passed out when she got there
Alex, chowing down on some chicken.
We had KFC and you can't go wrong with
KFC at a picnic.
Jerem had a blast!
I asked Veronica to pose and this is what she gave me.
She's going to regret this one day.

Today was much more low-key. After sleeping in a bit Andy got up and went for another bike ride and I watched a movie I had rented. Then we headed out to a local lake to have a picnic. The lake is small, but it has picnic shelters, a play area for kids and there is a beach area with a doc and lifeguard so people can swim. Today has been so nice out and we were definitely not the only ones enjoying the day. We didn't swim because we had some other things to get done today, but we spent a while laying on a blanked and people watching. People watching is one of my favorite things to do. I wouldn't mind if we made this a Sunday ritual.

Our view of the lake
Feet on the picnic blanket.
Andy says his feet look bad.
I guess that's why he's curling his toes under.
Watching the clouds
The "beach" and dock are on the other side of these trees

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