Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green confession

How about this green movement that's sweeping the world?

Anyone have thoughts? Are we all crazy?

I'm not here today to make a political statement on the green movement. I want to tell you a little bit about my own recent green experience.

Andy and I certainly don't do everything we could to join in the effort to make our world a better place. Of course there are some things that I feel are unnecessary. Everywhere I turn something new is eco-friendly and I feel like it's become the new kitsch thing for companies to market their products.

But like I said, I'm not here to make a political statement.

I'm a little friendlier to the green movement than Andy is, but anything that will potentially save a little money is something we can both get on board with.

Three years ago when we first got married CFL light bulbs were just starting to sweep the nation. Several people we knew had started using them and told us they had seen a difference in their electricity pay out.

We were all for making the switch, but there was a problem. I had recently bought a metric butt ton of regular light bulbs. It had been long enough that I didn't have the receipt anymore and most of the packages had bulbs missing. Returning them wasn't an option. It just didn't make sense to throw out the regular bulbs and replace them with CFL bulbs. Not economically and certainly not for the green minded.

So we waited for all our bulbs to blow.

It wasn't until the last month that we needed to buy light bulbs again. When I say I loaded up, I'm not kidding.

We were true to our word and our pocket book and bought CFL bulbs.

My confession is this:

I HATE the CFL bulbs.

They are not bright. At all. I need light people and I might as well be walking around with a flash light. The lack of brightness in our rooms hurts my eyes. I squint a lot and I'm not willing to give up my good eyesight to save a few dollars on our electric bill or to save the planet one light bulb at a time. And it doesn't save any money if we have to spend our electricity savings on eyeglasses for me.

So there you are. We only got one box of CFL bulbs and as soon as the last one blows I'm going to buy another metric butt ton of electricity sucking, planet killing bulbs.

I'll just have to find another way to shrink my footprint.


  1. Ok Joanna, I'am political as you know. But we tried the lights and I hated them. I thought I told you they were a waste. Guess I didn't. But anyway. I will recycle plastic. But they can stuff the light blubs whoever invented them.
    my two cents worth,

  2. I won't buy them just because they are ugly and disposing of them properly is a pain. I'm waiting for a better alternative.