Friday, October 9, 2009

Photogenic Friday: Another childhood memory

Another item found among my old belongings was this sweater:

I loved this sweater with all of my heart. First of all, it's purple. Anything purple had me at hello. Secondly it has Miss Piggy on it.

Growing up Miss Piggy was my hero. I wanted to be her. It didn't matter that she was a pig because Miss Piggy was fa-bu-lous!

My brother used to pretend he was Kermit and I would pretend that I was Miss Piggy. (Ok weirdos, I know what you're thinking. Kermit and MP were boyfriend and girlfriend. Eww! It just happened that he liked Kermit and I liked MP. We liked to play Muppets, ok! Gesh! Also, if I remember correctly Josh was every other muppet too, but I refused to pretend to be anything but MP.)

Moving on...

I used to talk to my family in my Miss Piggy voice. I'd wear my purple sweater around and talk like Miss Piggy all day long.

Apparently I did it so much that my grandfather started to worry I'd never stop. He asked my grandmother if they shouldn't do something about it. Do what I don't know. Maybe he thought I needed to see a therapist.

Look at the label! I love that it's made by Calamity Jane!

Was I ever really this small?

If only they made it in adult sizes. I would totally rock it out.

Have a great weekend interwebs!

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