Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photogenic Friday on Sunday

Finally we have an update from the weary traveler.

I don't believe I have actually told you why Andy has gone all the way across the country.

Our friend Robert is the assistant cycling coach at our alma mater. The cycling team is pretty awesome. Mountain Bike Nationals are being held in Tahoe this year and the team is currently there racing.

While they were planning the trip it was clearly more economical for someone to drive the team's equipment across the country rather than try to ship it there. So Robert asked Andy if he'd like to come along and help with the driving.

Andy said, "Yes, please!" to a free trip to California.

So here are some of the pictures Andy has posted of his adventures. Please forgive the shots taken through the truck window. They were trying to make the trip as quickly as possible and couldn't be bothered to stop and take proper scenic photos.

Edit: The translation from facebook to blogger didn't work very well. Click on the photos to see full images.

Loading the truck
All smiles to start
St. Louis, just passin' through
Wyoming. Apparently Andy didn't care for the drive here
The Great Salt Lake
The rental house
Andy sleeps in a closet
First day at the races
Scenery, etc.

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