Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting inked

So I'm getting a tattoo.

Oh Lord, did I just write that? My mother and mother-in-law are dialing my number right now.

But I'm serious. Before my accident I had toyed around with the idea of getting one. I just never could pin down exactly what I wanted. Should I get something to commemorate my daddy? My papaw? Or just something that represented me? I just didn't know. There were actually several that I would have liked, but it's a permanent mark on my body and nothing ever felt exactly right. I could never settle on a tattoo that I knew I could live with forever.

Then I woke up in the hospital and I knew that this was going to be the defining thing for me. I knew that if I made it out in one piece I would get a tattoo to celebrate.

I had a whole year to think about what I wanted. Again, I rolled several ideas around in my brain - big and little. Then last night I settled on what I wanted.


Just a simple word that has come to define how I live my life. I want it in script.

But I need your help. I said I wanted it on the inside of my wrist, so I can see it easily. It isn't going to be there for other people, but as a reminder to me of what I've been through and that when I'm having a bad day life is so much more than those bad moments and it's worth living well.

My mind was made up and then I told Andy and he made a face. You know the kind of face I'm talking about. It says "I don't think that's such a good idea, but whatever you want."

And of course I've been second guessing my decision about where to get my tattoo and Andy isn't helping much.

So, blog readers where do you think I should get my tattoo? I've put a poll at the top of my sidebar. Please click on one of the choices to let me know what you think, or if you can think of a better option feel free to tell me so. If you have a really strong opinion that can't be settled with a mouse click leave that in the comments too.

One more thing I'd be obliged if you helped me decide on is the color. Of course I could go with basic black, but it seems like such a harsh color. I want something a little softer. I was thinking maybe gray, purple or blue. Then when I was talking to Julie earlier today she suggested that I get it in burgundy, the same color as my Jeep. Pretty awesome suggestion, no? But I'm open to more. If you have an opinion on the color tell me that too.

I'm an ink virgin so I need help here people!


  1. I like the idea of putting it on the inside of your wrist that way you are able to see it everyday as a reminder (love the idea of getting in it burgundy too!) If you are wanting to have the option of hiding it, the the top of your hip is a good option. I looking forward to getting my 3rd hopefully this summer so I am quite ink obsessed at the moment :)

  2. I would say the inside of your ankle. I'm not a huge fan of the ones that others could see every day in the event it became an employment issue ya know?

    It is a great idea and I've considered too but I still haven't gotten sold on it.

  3. Woops... forgot the color option.
    I honestly would go for black. I know it's a harsh color, but it holds up WAY better than other colors. Burgundy sounds neat, but if I were being totally honest and giving my truthful opinion I would just say to go w/ black.
    In the end, though, it's your body and totally up to you.

  4. I actually voted for your foot. I *love* foot tattoos, but I didn't pick it for just that reason :P.
    I agree that it might become an employment issue. I know if I were hiring someone, seeing as how I have three tattoos, I would not have a problem with a small one on the wrist... but whoever you're interviewing with might. :(
    I also think the foot is a very powerful part of the body. Your feet take you places, and even though you might not see the tattoo while you're wearing closed shoes, you'll know it's there... just as sure as you know how to walk.

  5. Hey,
    Guess who has an opinion?

    Well, I have made my peace with the tatoo thing. Your brother and sister-in-law have several. Stacy's lastest was pretty. If tatoo's can be pretty.

    You have to remember my generation. The only people with tatoo's were the military and prisoners. Uncle Jim's on the upper arm muscle. (Uncle Jim was a Green Beret. Thank you Uncle Jim for your service to keep America free. God Bless Amercia and all who serve!) And I thought he was a really tough man. So that was my experenice with tatoo's.

    Your step Dad thinks you should make a sign and tape it to your forhead and remove it when you get tired of it. And you know how is feels about tatoo's. If tatoo's had been popular in my generation we both might have gotten one. I think me before him.

    So, I love Julie's idea! Maybe a little gray accents with the burgundy?

    Just make sure where you go they use new needles and everything is sterile. No infections please.

    inside of ankle

    Wrist is last because it wrinkles sooner than the other two. You can look at my wrist for an example.

    Love ya!

    Oh, just between us. I wouldn't mind one on my hip. Very small.

  6. Go for it Julia!! I'll go with you and hold your hand!