Monday, April 5, 2010

One more birthday post

Saturday was such a nice day.

I woke up early, but had a little late morning nap while Andy went to work for a little while.

Around 10:30 Milton decided it was time for me to get up so he started scratching at the bedroom door. Little stinker.

That afternoon Andy and I went out to enjoy the nice weather and do a little shopping.

I had been craving KFC for a while so I decided that's what I wanted for my big birthday meal. How extravagant! But we were planning on having a picnic and KFC is nothing if not perfect picnic food.

The wind was pretty rough on Saturday so we ended up eating in the restaurant. Oh well.

Andy took me to the local outlet stores and I picked out a dress to go with the shoes Andy got me and a trench coat. When I was in the car crash last year I was wearing my favorite jacket, a floral print trench coat, and they had to cut if off of me. It was the perfect light jacket for spring in the mountains and I've been mourning it, so I got another one to replace it. It isn't a floral print, but I still love it!

That night we had a quiet evening at home with some cleaning and watching the final four (Andy's only request of the day).

Sunday we celebrated Easter and my birthday with my family and with our friends at our monthly potluck dinner.

It was the most perfect weekend we've had in a long time.

(some of these are blurry, sorry...)

Modeling my new dress (before it was ironed) & shoes

The trench coat. I got it for $30. $100 less than the original price. Score!

This is a banner that Julie and Mina made for me. Julie cut out all the letters to say "Happy Birthday Joanna" and then she took a picture of Mina with each letter. It's so cute! (click photo to enlarge)

Birthday cake that Mamaw always makes

Mina had some cake

Donna rocked Lilianna to sleep

Hannah & Nathan

Bekah brought her boyfriend for the first time. Kind of a big deal...

Frank and Mina all dressed up for Easter

This is the only picture I got of Andy all weekend

We hadn't taken one of these in a while. I thought it was time.

Cousins! I don't know how I escaped being in this one...

By the time potluck rolled around last night I was exhausted, so this is the only picture I got.
The food.

How was your Easter weekend?

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