Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twenty Eight

It's the dawn of my 28th birthday. The sun is slowly illuminating the grass, still brown from winter but beginning to show the promise of spring. The bare tree limbs are blowing in the wind that's still too strong to be called a breeze.

And I'm sitting in front of  my computer pecking out a blog post instead of sleeping through this glorious morning. It promises to be a beautiful day. Maybe I'll take a nap outside a little later.

The last few years I haven't enjoyed my birthday as much as I could. Don't get me wrong, I've had great birthdays. But I can't say I've exactly cherished getting older. I still feel like I'm about sixteen most days, so how did I suddenly find myself in my late twenties? Where did the time go?

Last year I was not at all excited to turn 27. I dreaded that number because it wasn't exactly late twenties, but it wasn't early twenties either. As far as I was concerned we could celebrate my 25th birthday for the rest of eternity. That was perfectly fine with me.

Little did I know that just eleven days into 27 I would embark on the most difficult journey of my short life. I would learn some very important and hard fought lessons. Things I never could have imagined.

This morning as I reflect on the past year and everything I've been through I am filled with an overwhelming gladness. I am able to celebrate another birthday! I am here! I am alive! I am twenty eight!

Today doesn't hold any big plans, but it promises to be great. I'm going to spend the day with Andy, enjoying the weather and possibly some springtime sales. I'm going to revel in the birthday-ness of today. It is my day and I'm going to enjoy it.

"This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!" A fitting bible verse and one of my favorite songs from childhood.

Welcome twenty eight. I am ready.

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