Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late night conversation in a hotel room

This past weekend I went to Atlanta with Julie for her niece's christening.

Saturday night we stayed in a hotel with Julie, Mina and Julie's aunt and her two children, E who is your typical 13 year old girl and M, her younger brother.

M had started the night in the "boy's room" next door with his dad and Julie's dad, but the snoring got to be to much and M couldn't sleep. So he came over with us. Our room was packed.

We stayed up way too late indulging in girl talk and at one point we started talking about hot guys. "Casino Royale" came on with Daniel Craig and I said he was a beautiful, beautiful man. Because he is. I also compared him to the statue of David and said he was "like a piece of art that walks around." Keep in mind that it was nearly midnight and we had all had a very long day, so the conversation got silly fast.

Julie didn't agree with me and so she started to take a survey of who everyone thought was "like a piece of art that walks around." M was not at all excited to be a part of this conversation and he shortly put on some headphones to try to drown us out, but not before this happened:

Julie: Ok E, what is your opinion? Who do you think is like art walking around?

E: Huh? (she hadn't been paying much attention)

Julie: Joanna says that this guy ::points to Daniel Craig:: is like a piece of art that walks around. Is there an actor or musician that you think is that good looking?

E: ::pensive::

M: I think this is worse than the snoring room.

E: What? Why?

M: I don't want any part of this gossip.

Julie: We aren't gossiping. We're just asking E what boy she thinks is like art walking around. So E, what's your vote?

M: It's me.

The conversation just degenerated from there. E did finally decide that Justin Bieber is her equivalent to Daniel Craig. That plus the comment that Daniel Craig was "just too old for her" combined to make her vote null and void.

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