Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you know what is really annoying?

I'll tell you.

When you're looking for a shirt. A specific shirt that you know you own and you've seen it several times recently but you can't find it now.

And you feel bad. Plus you've worked hard and cleaned all stinkin' weekend and you're exhausted and all you want to do is put on your most comfortable clothes and this one stupid shirt is part of that equation, but you can't find it.

So now the only thing you can find that is remotely similar is leftover from your size 0 days, when you were way to skinny, and it somehow managed to hide itself in the back of the drawer and not get discarded. So you put it on and you look like a stuffed sausage and it completely eradicates the good feeling you've had about yourself for working out hard and losing a couple inches from  your waist. 

All that is really annoying.

Also, I have a cold sore.

1 comment:

  1. Ok so this made me laugh out loud! I love the stuffed sausage reference!