Monday, May 24, 2010

Totally Inflexible

We are currently in the midst of the Great Flexi Straw Disaster of 2010.

I ran out of flexi straws three days ago.

You see, way back when (a year ago), when my teeth almost got knocked out in my car crash I had to live off a liquid diet for about a month. So someone (Andy? Mother? Mother-in-law?) bought a bag of flexi straws for me.

Even after my diet progressed to soft foods that could be eaten with utensils (baby spoons) I still used my flexi straws for any liquid I consumed.

My teeth were temperature sensitive before they met my steering wheel and ever since then it's worse. So for the last year I've been using a flexi straw to keep cold beverages off my teeth.

The original bag of flexis ran out a long time ago and I asked Andy to buy me a new bag. He made fun of me and I kind of felt silly for always drinking out of a straw, but he bought them anyway.

Then, three days ago, I ran out again. As a result I've been drinking a lot less liquid. Usually I keep a cup of water with me all day as I'm doing things around the apartment. I still don't drink nearly as much as I should, but I do have a constant intake of water. I even put a cup in the fridge before I go to bed at night so it will be nice and cold when I wake up in the morning.

But my flexi straws are gone and I'm a big sissy because even room temperature water is too cold for my teeth. I saw a giant bag when we were at the store for $.99, but I remembered how Andy made fun of me and I thought maybe I was being a little silly so I didn't add them to our pile. I just walked on by.

So yesterday I went for a run at the rubberized track to give my joints a little break from the hard asphalt at the park. It was really hot up here yesterday and there aren't any shade trees around the track. Because it's an actual running track.

I got dehydrated.

I felt sick and ended up with a monster headache that I couldn't get rid of all night. It sucked.

I don't know who to blame for this. Andy because he made fun of me? Or myself for not just telling him where he could stick it and buying the $.99 bag of straws?

Probably myself.

Anyway, I'm going back to the store today and buying some more straws.

Crisis averted.

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