Saturday, June 28, 2008

The everything post

Week 1 of C25K is complete! We finished day 3 yesterday after I got off work. Usually we go later in the evening when the track is in the shade. But Andy wanted to have a "guys" night with one of his friends so we went as soon as I got home. It was MUCH hotter than what we're used to. By 10-15 degrees. I say "used to" as if we've been doing this for a long time, but when you're first starting out, that added heat can be rough. Luckily about half way through the clouds came in and brought a breeze with them. We finished the workout, but we didn't get to cool down properly because it had started to rain. So we packed it in for the day, but not before taking some pictures of the end of our first week.

A nice picture
Though, it doesn't do justice to
how red my face was
This is how I really felt
I don't know why Andy made such weird
faces. The sun wasn't out
Andy picked a daisy for me
and I
put it in my hair

In other news, Brunswik is is officially an adult. Bunnies are in adult hood at 6 months. His six month birthday was this week. I can't believe we've had him long enough to be a big boy bunny. He isn't as big as I thought he would be. He seems to have grown into his back feet a little more so I don't know that he really has anymore growing to do. He still acts like a baby though. Bunnies don't grow out of young behaviors until after about the first year. So he has a little way to go. As a matter of fact as I'm typing this he's running around my feet trying to catch my pajama bottoms. I love my little bunbun.

The first night we had him
All grown up.
Grown up bunny tail
And finally, some more mountain majesty for you. Here are some pictures from the sunset yesterday at our apartment. Ignore the power lines. Maybe one day we can get all those underground so there isn't so much interfering with the view.

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