Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fugitive

Brunswik just went outside by himself. No leash, no mommy or daddy, just walked out the front door on his own. Andy had left the door propped open briefly to take the trash out (we had an excessive amount after our cleaning marathon today). It wasn't a big deal because Brunswik had been safely tucked under the bed in the other room. I guess he decided to come out and visit and when he saw the open door he took advantage of it. I was in the bathroom cleaning his cage and Andy comes in and says, "Your bunny just went outside by himself." I thought for a second he was still there and was getting ready to demand to know why the hell Andy was in there with me and not outside trying to catch him. But he told me he had already gotten him inside. he just hopped out, sat on the front stoop and when Andy tried to pick him up he turned around and hopped back in the house.

I guess this is his way of telling us that he would like to go out more often. We had been giving him a break from his leash because he really doesn't like it. But I guess we are going to have to suck it up and put him in it. Eventually he'll understand that outside means he has to wear it. I'm just glad he didn't go any further than the front stoop. Silly little bunny.

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