Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An interview with the birthday boy

JRS: So Brunswick, how do you feel about being a year old? How has your first year of life been?

B: Oh it's been just fine mama.

JRS: Is there anything you would change about your life so far?

B: Not really. I'm pretty happy with how things are going. Although, it'd be nice if you could control that brother of mine. Sometimes he's pesky.

JRS: You don't like Milton? You guys seem to get along so well and you look so cute when you're cuddled up together.B: No, I like him fine, sometimes I even enjoy having him around for company, but he's got an awful lot of energy. It makes me tired just to look at him. You know how I like to take naps.

JRS: Oh I do know indeed my sweet boy. Sometimes I get worried that there is something wrong with you because you like to sleep so much, but I know it's just your laid back personality. Say Brunsie, is there anything special you would like to have for your birthday?

B: Well, I hadn't really thought about it. Maybe some extra treats like the ones you and daddy got me for Christmas. Those were yummy.

JRS: Do you just want treats or would you like to have some extra carrots too. I know how you have always loved carrots.

B: Mmmmm. Carrots sound good. Maybe you can make me a carrot cake, but without all the flour and stuff because that's bad for me.

JRS: Well, then it wouldn't really be cake would it? So maybe just some extra in your bowl. How about a party with hats and stuff? Doesn't that sound fun?

B: Um, a party would be great, but I think I've had enough hats for a while. I'd like to let my head rest.JRS: That sounds good. But we have to give you a bath if we're going to have a party so you'll look your best for our company.

B: I'm not to crazy about baths, you know that. I can clean myself up real nice, so if you don't mind we'll just have a party with our little family and skip the bath, ok?

JRS: Ok birthday boy, it's your special day. I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that you came to live with us. I still remember that day almost a year ago that I found you in the pet shop and knew you had to be mine.

B: I remember too mama. I was so glad to see you. I knew right away that you were the human for me.

JRS: Aw thanks little guy, you're making me blush.

B: You're welcome. I love you mama, and I love daddy too.

JRS: We love you too Brunsie bear. Happy birthday!

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  1. HAHAHAHA! that was beautiful! (and slightly disturbing) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNSWICK!!!!