Friday, January 23, 2009

It's one of those days...

You know the kind. When it's the perfect comfortable temperature outside and you don't have anything in your wardrobe that is suitable. Currently it's 55 degrees where I live. I know to some of you that sounds pretty chilly, but compared to the single digit temperatures we've endured in the last week this is a freakin' tropical heat wave. I've been sweating for a few hours now.

Normally, on a day like today, when I don't have to work I'd just put on as little as made me comfortable and loaf around the house. Instead, I'm running around here half dressed trying to figure out what to put on my body. Because I have a function this weekend. So not only do I have to plan an outfit for today, but I have to plan one for tomorrow too. I have to pick two perfect outfits that I can wear and be both presentable and comfortable.

To make matters worse, I'm going to my hometown for said function. Now, this town has infinitely more humidity than my current place of residence. Any time of year. You can guarantee my sweat glands will be working over time trying to cool me down as soon as I cross the county line. I'm not kidding even a little bit.

So I decided to take a time out from destroying my closet to come here and complain to you. I would just dress in layers, but I'm already hot. And I also don't want to wear anything that will make someone say, "Does she know it's 60 degrees outside?" Whether it's too much or too little clothing, I don't want to get that reaction.

Oh, I also smashed my finger this morning and it's beginning to throb as I'm typing. I guess that's my signal to get my ass up and put some clothes on already.

Wish me luck.

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