Monday, November 9, 2009

The Baby Shower

The baby shower went off without a hitch.

Frank, Julie and Mina took home quite a haul at the end of it.

Seeing them again was so nice. I haven't seen Mina in person since she was born and she has changed so, so much. But not so much that she wasn't still small enough to cuddle.

They gave me a DVD season of The Office as a hostess gift and Andy and I have been working our way through it-watching all the special features as we go. Julie knows me so well!

Here are some photos of the details and the day.

The favors
"Caramel Apple" Popcorn balls
How-to found here
The centerpiece
We put it on the mantle because the chandelier
was too low over the table
The ornaments are made with photos
from Mina's birthday and
the banner says her name.
Monogrammed cupcakes
The food spread.
My co-hostess, Bonnie,
did all this food (except the cupcakes)
She was wonderful!
Mina with her PapaDaddy swaddles the best
Frank put the bouncer together after they opened it
so Mina would have a place to sit
This is the first photo I have with Mina
We didn't get one of us in the hospital
The best present!
Julie's mother passed away two years ago.
She was an amazing seamstress and she always made
quilts for new babies in their church.
Some of the ladies re-gifted their blankets so
Mina could have something from her Grammy.
There are some other photos floating around out there on other cameras. I get an F for not charging my camera battery and it died about halfway through. So I'll post a couple more when I get them.

While I was putting everything together I documented some of the craft how-to's on film (or memory card). I'll be posting those throughout the week. Stay tuned!

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