Friday, November 13, 2009

Photogenic Friday: Bug genocide

Did you know that the title box on blogger doesn't do spell check? I have to double check things in the text box or look it up to make sure I'm spelling my titles right. It's annoying.

Moving on.

This is what my kitchen looks like right now:

Want to know why? Of course you do!

Andy and I have recently been having a bug problem. Andy says they are fruit flies, but I call them gnats because we don't have any fruit out on our counters. Don't fruit flies have to eat fruit to live? These bugs just live off air. I'm not kidding.

We have gone through several cans of raid and reached a level of cleanliness in or home that I didn't think possible in a rental. Still, the bugs thrived. We've been more diligent about cleaning up after ourselves in two weeks than we have or entire marriage. It's probably the only good thing that has come out of this bug invasion. I'm hoping we formed a habit.

So anyway, like I said, these bugs eat air. I promise it wasn't the bunnies that kept them around. The bugs generally avoided the bunny cage and litter boxes. It wasn't because we're pet owners.

Something had to be done. We were about to lose our ever loving minds. Also, we're hosting Thanksgiving in our apartment in two weeks and we can't have our company being dive bombed by gnats while they are eating.

Seriously. Dive bombing gnats. They started that a couple days ago.

They had reproduced in our apartment so many times that this "new bug generation" wasn't afraid of us. They didn't even fly away if we tried to squash them. They just flew a couple inches over and landed next to our hand. It was getting scary.

So last night Andy bought these fogging bomb thingies. That brings me back to my kitchen. Remember my kitchen?

The entire contents of my kitchen is in either a trash bag or saran wrap to protect it from the bug killing juice. Can I just tell you how fun it was to do that? Who wants to come help me put the kitchen back together?


No one? Really?

I have my worries about our clothing and bedding. Andy says everything but what we eat off of is fine. I'm not so sure. I think I'll change the sheets tonight just to be sure. It's time to break out the flannel sheets anyway.

In case you're wondering, no we didn't leave the bunnies in the apartment. Andy celebrated the first annual "Bring Your Bunny to Work Day" today. Let's hope it's the only annual "Bring Your Bunny to Work Day" day.

They're fine and healthy as can be, though very happy to be home. Pissed off doesn't begin to describe their attitude towards sitting in their cage at Andy's office for most of the day.

Oh, one more question. If you won't help with the kitchen, how about coming to help clean up all the tiny little bug carcasses?

::more crickets::

You people have no sense of adventure.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Brandy (marryingacoach)November 16, 2009 at 10:55 AM

    Hey we have those gnats as well in Eastern NC...someone told us to treat the drains in our sinks. Apparently they lay their eggs there. Hope that helps... we treat our drains quarterly and it helps!