Wednesday, January 6, 2010

About my lack of a post today...

I have this whole post written about Milton and how he likes to chase the dust broom.

It includes a video that has been processing since 1:30 this afternoon. Nine hours. It's longer than my usual video, so I'm going to give it until I go to bed tonight and if it doesn't work I'll be re-filming because Milton is always up for attacking the broom.

Also, I completely flaked on part of my new year's resolution today. If you look to your left at my book list you'll see that it grew by three. I had lunch with my mom and grandmother today and while I was waiting on them I stopped at the bookstore. Big mistake! Their clearance stack had recently been replenished and I just couldn't pass up the three and four dollar price tags. I got all three books for ten bucks. No book lover would fault me for that.

Happy Wednesday! (What's left of it)


  1. lol at milton always up for chasing the broom.

    your potato soup post has been weighing heavy on my brain (and tummy)...wish i had some now! i know it has to be ridiculously cold on that mountain!

    also wanted to share that i'm moving to hickory by month's end...last day here is the job w/ wachovia. while one thing i love to do while on the clock is to read your blog, i will soon have to move that to an evening activity as goofing off online won't be an option at the new j-o-b. lol

  2. Good luck with the new job. Are you not on facebook anymore? I could have sworn you were, but went to look and couldn't find you.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog support. I miss seeing you, maybe I'll make it down to Hickory sometime.

  3. I just have a login to work on the store page; i deleted my personal account. So yeah, kinda, but kinda not.

    Looking forward to the Milton vs. Broom video :o)