Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family & friend time, plus a chubby baby

Who am I kidding? This post is really about the cubby baby. I mean, when I left for a visit on Tuesday I took my camera with every intention of documenting my short trip. I came home with a picture of a pizza and five thousand pictures of Mina.

(photo courtesy of Julie's sister-in-law, Amanda)

My trip home was fun. Going back to my old town is always an adventure. Julie and I like to say that you really need a passport to visit. My grandmother asked me once if I was ashamed of having grown up there. I replied, "Oh no I'm not ashamed. I'm just glad I don't live there anymore."

If you still live in my hometown and are reading this, chances are I'm not referring to you when I talk about the bad drivers and general all around crazy that resides there. But like I said, we had fun and the visit was successful.

We got settled in the hotel and then Julie's aunt came to stay with Mina while I took Julie out for a little girl's night.

We went to dinner to our favorite pizza place. It's one of the few things we miss about "back home" and don't skip a chance to eat there.They have a buffet and everyone who eats there gets the buffet. Except us.

We ordered an extra large with pepperoni on the whole thing and requested mushrooms on half (her) and sausage on the other half (me). We got an extra large with pepperoni all over and sausage and mushrooms all on one side. It was a good laugh and I'm surprised they managed to get the order even close to correct. If you could have seen the guy's face when he took our order you'd understand.

Why am I talking so much about dinner? Because that's all we did besides making a quick trip to the drugstore for cold medicne. We just aren't the party animals we were twelve years ago.

Plus there was a chubby baby at the hotel! Who can resit a chubby baby?

Mina conked out pretty quickly and I thought Julie would be right behind her what with the sleep deprivation and nighttime cold medicine. Boy howdy, was I wrong. We stayed up until 2am talking. I guess there's a little party animal left in us after all.

In the morning we had some continental breakfast in our pajamas and then headed over to my parents' house for a visit. Mina dazzled my mom and grandma while Julie and sat and watched.

We were tiered. Julie's been tired for four months. I was only tired because we stayed up until 2am the night before.

Julie wins.

The cooing and dazzling went on most of the day and then in the afternoon we bid farewell to the chubby baby and her tired mama.

Then I came back home and took a four hour nap.

That pretty much sums up my trip home. Except for the near miss we had in the parking lot of the world's greatest pizza place. But that deserves a post of it's own and a diagram or two for you to appreciate just how ridiculous the whole thing was.

Look forward to that post next week. And enjoy the snow, if you're getting any.

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