Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I did it!

Last month I wrote an update on my fitness and weigh loss. I set a goal at the end of that post to fit into a specific pair of pants for an upcoming family function. Lo, the party is upon us (Saturday) and I had to face the mirror, pants on.

The good news? I can wear them! Horrah! They are a touch snug, but not uncomfortable and I'm super proud of myself.

The bad news? I forgot that they are heavy and lined and HOT. When I tried them on today as soon as they were snapped I started sweating and the party isn't in the mountains. It's in the foothills. Read: A lot hotter than I'm used to.

Andy and I are both spoiled by the mild climate we live in. We openly and freely admit that we are complete wimps when it comes to hot weather. It's June 9th and we've only had a handful of 80 degree days so far this year. So, I'm not wearing the pants. I choose comfort over style. I'll have to celebrate my little weight loss victory another day. Oh well.

So what am I going to wear? Funny you should ask.

After I tried on my pants and decided not to wear them I looked into my closet and decided there wasn't anything else I wanted to wear except that one outfit. My heart was set on it. (I've been dying to wear the shoes for several months now.) So I high tailed it to the local outlet mall with a budget and a specific item in mind: a lighter weight pair of pants, in white.

You know how when you need something specific & you can never find it, no matter how many places you look? Like it doesn't seem to exist except in your head, or they don't have your size or it costs as much as your monthly grocery budget.

Somehow, the skies opened and the heavens smiled on me today. I found exactly what I wanted in the first store I looked, within thirty seconds of walking through the door. And! They were 60!!! percent off. I came in $3 under my budget!

I'd consider that two victories in one post, wouldn't you?

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