Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long overdue birthday post

So I talked a lot about my outfit for Andy's grandmother's birthday party and then I kind of left you hanging after the fact.

This post isn't about my outfit.

Well... not entirely.

The party was a success! I made two cakes, seen here:

Grandmama was pleased to have all her family in one place. I think it's been quite some time since that happened. Andy's sister wasn't able to make it and someone's spouse had a work commitment, but otherwise I think everyone was there.

As expected it was hot and muggy and Andy and I were whiny. Thankfully there was air conditioning, but when we got there Andy came around to help me get out of the truck and when he opened my door he said, "You're not going to want to get out of there. Let's just start the truck and drive back to the mountains." This was a comment on the humidity level and the imminent failure of his deodorant.

Once inside the building though everything was lovely. It was so nice to see all of Andy's family and he had a really nice time.

Of course we took some pictures:

With the birthday girl
Andy's immediate family (minus his sister of course)

All together

Ok, now, about my outfit.

No one pointed out to me that the stripes on my shirt made my boobs look gigantic. Seriously. My head looks out of proportion to the rest of my body in the picture with Grandmama.

Also, see my pants? My lovely, white, brand new 60% off pants?

Well. Andy over ate at the party and didn't have dessert. Along with the two cakes and cookies (provided by Andy's mom) there was a gigantic cherry pie/cobbler type thing made with cherries from Grandmama's tree. It was delicious and Andy wasn't leaving there without some. So he filled up a plate and then wrapped it up with tin foil.

We also had a plate of other leftovers and as I wasn't driving I was in charge of the food. Which meant it was sitting in my lap on the way  home.

About half way home I shifted the plates a little and felt something wet and sticky on my hand. Andy hadn't done such a great job of sealing up the cherry concoction.

Guess where most of it went?

Directly onto my new WHITE pants!

Immediately I placed a phone call to my grandmother and then to her sister (who should open up a "get stains out of clothing" business, they'd be millionaires) and I got instructions on how to treat the cherry stain.

Thankfully the pants were pretty and white again by bedtime that night.

Cherry juice on my pants was the only stain on an otherwise wonderful day.

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