Monday, August 2, 2010

Piss & Vinegar

When we first decided to get a bunny and I found Brunswick, I also bought a book about rabbits and how best to care for them.

I learned a lot of things from that little book, some of them useful, some of them not so much.

One of the things the book said was to not get impatient with a baby bunny because for the first year they are much more active and tend to make much bigger messes which can cause owners to give up too easily and give their bunny away before the first year is up.

So we brought Brunswick home fully prepared to chase around a little terror for a year until his adult genes kicked in and he settled down a bit.

That isn't what happened. Not at all.

Brunswick was lazy. From the get go. He likes to sleep and while he did run around and jump up on the furniture sometimes he would need a nap immediately afterward. He slept so much and so deeply in fact that sometimes you couldn't wake him without picking him up or giving him a little shake. There were many times I thought my little bunny was dead or dying because I couldn't get him to wake up. It took a long time to understand that it was just him. He was a calm, sleepy little guy.

That is part of the reason we got a second bunny. We wanted Brunswick to have a friend and he was so easy and hardly ever caused any trouble, so how bad could a second bunny be?

Ha! Hahahahahahahaha!

Milton has always been as active as the book said - and then some.

We don't call him the Little Grey Cuss for nothing. He got that name pretty much immediately and he's managed to hold on to it for two years now.

He did calm down, like the book said, after his first year. And after he did he took a little time to decide that he actually liked Andy and I. He's even started to give us kisses - something Brunswick did in the first month and I never thought Milton would deign to do. But he has and we love him for it.  It's even become a game to see who can get the most kisses out of him before he decides he's tired of us and runs away.

Even at two he still has more spunk, sass and energy than his brother, and in the middle of the day, while Brunswick is taking a nap, Milton usually finds some sort of mischief to get into.

So last week when I heard the sounds of paper being torn and scratched at I wasn't surprised, but I set out in search of Milton to make sure he wasn't destroying something useful.

I couldn't find him after a quick search of his usual hiding places and after I stood in the hallway for a second I deduced that the sounds were coming from our bedroom. I had already looked there, but maybe I'd just missed him, so I went back. And then I saw his tail sticking out from under the bedside table.

He had squeezed himself under there and proceeded to shred all the miscellaneous what not that had found it's way out of my or the vacuum's reach.

He was really going to town and there weren't any important documents, so instead of forcing him out I took a video instead - because he's my little trouble maker, but he so cute while he's making trouble.

And while Milton was doing that, this is what Brunswick was doing:

Whatever did I do for entertainment before I had bunnies?

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