Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silver, gray, white - they're all the same

This past weekend Andy and I went on a date. Kind of.

It was a kind of date because we never would have gone if we weren't supposed to meet someone there, but we got there and had already placed our food order when the people we were supposed to meet let us know they weren't coming. And I was pissed because I could think of so many other places I would have rather been, so Andy took my hand and said, "Let's think of it as a date."

So, yeah, a kind of date to a restaurant that was only kind of mediocre, but their prices and their attitude would give you the impression that they must be something special.

Except they didn't even have cloth napkins y'all. And I'm not some stuck up so-and-so that always has to have a cloth napkin, but if you're going to charge $8 for a Caesar salad and then charge another $7 to add chicken or shrimp to the salad I expect to be able to be able to pick my chin up off the floor and wipe it with a cloth napkin.

I don't know, maybe Andy and I don't eat out at nice restaurants that often and $7 for some chicken isn't so bad. But really, it's additional chicken. As in, it isn't the main part of the meal, but an "in addition to" item for a meal that's already whole - or so it would seem, but I hardly think a Caesar salad without croutons is a whole salad - so what makes this additional chicken so special? Does it come with a person to cut it up and feed it to you? I didn't find out because my experience with the place to that point told me that it was probably completely mediocre chicken that wasn't worth two extra dollars, much less seven. So I settled for a completely mediocre cup of soup and a "salad" that consisted of a lot of lettuce, some dressing and a little bit of cheese.

Suffice it to say that we won't be going back there any time soon. Or ever.

But the restaurant isn't why I'm writing this. I'm writing this to tell you what I found while I was getting ready to go on our kind of date.

I decided that since the place was kind of nice I shouldn't look like a total slob, so I took a little time to fix my hair.

And while I was fixing my hair and looking in the mirror I thought for a second that I saw a flash of hair that was not my normal color. In fact, this phantom hair looked gray. Not even gray, it looked down right silver which is right next to white.

A little further investigation turned up two very silver hairs on the top of my head.

Now y'all, I don't color my hair because I like my hair color and also, because I'm cheap. And I have said that when I start to go gray I plan to just live with it because I know of lot's of beautiful women with gray hair.

But I'm only 28. And in my most humble opinion, that is too damn young to go completely gray.

I know what you're saying. It's only two hairs. Well, actually it's at least three because Andy found another one that I couldn't see. Thanks honey...

The thing is it only takes one and then the rest start to go. The big question here is if these two three are going to hang out by themselves for the next ten years or so, or are they going to invite some com padres to join them. If this is going to turn into an issue my salon bill is about to go way, way up.

Also, I texted Julie after I found them and I found no sympathy from her. She said she would take my two three gray hairs and raise me her ninety or so. Well my friend, I have a bone to pick with you.

So, if I recollect you didn't start getting gray hairs in earnest until after you had a baby. Oh sure, you had the occasional gray from time to time because you have really dark hair and people with really dark hair have random gray hairs all the time. But you hadn't complained of really going gray until you had Mina and your hair changed post pregnancy.

Well I don't have children yet. So what is my hair going to look like after I do?! Also, would it kill you to start throwing a little sympathy my way? I mean, I don't want to keep throwing this in your face, but nine months, sister. NINE MONTHS! (no, Julie isn't pregnant again. This is a reference to her, ahem, slightly less than sweet disposition the whole time she was pregnant before)

Anyway, I'm slightly disturbed by these hairs. And no, I didn't pull them out. Do you think I'm crazy?! I don't want six more!

In the end, I've decided to blame on the stress of the last fifteen months and the mounting stress of finally putting this whole accident/insurance business to rest.

I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, but apparently my hair is taking the light literally.


  1. oh i had plenty of gray hairs before m came along. i started finding them in middle school. but... I am soo sorry you have found yourself with 2, sorry no 3 gray hairs. I will go with you to the salon and hold your hand as you get it dyed if that will help! hugs!!

  2. Just checking in to say if you only have 3 or so you are good. I've got many, many more than that ;(

  3. Is it bad that I sent my hair dresser a text message right after I found them? Last month when I got my hair cut I was talking about never having colored my hair. I think I jinxed myself.