Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A couple weeks ago my mom came up and brought my oldest nephew and niece for a visit. We spent the afternoon at the park, and then when it started to look like rain, we came back to the apartment to watch a movie.

Since they are both under twelve, they ride in the back seat to avoid airbags. When they got here my nephew was on the right side (passenger) and my niece was on the left (driver).

On the way to the park they had the same seating configuration, and again on the way back to the apartment.

When it was time for them to go, I walked them out to the car. Both kids jumped in, him still on the right and her still on the left.

And this is what happened next:

Jerem: Ha! Ha! I'm still on the right!

Veronica: Oh no! I forgot. You were supposed to switch with me on the way home! Not Fair!

Me: (Confused, because when I was young my older brother and I fought over the front seat. Either side of the back was just as crappy as the other, compared to the front.) Why are y'all fighting? What does it matter? Why do you both want to sit on the right side?

Veronica: (In her best impression of me, twenty years ago) DUH! Because it's better!

Well then. I stand corrected.

I didn't point out to them that in six to eight years they are going to prefer the left side, in the front.

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