Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A hodge podge, if you will

So last night Andy and I finally dug out the box containing all my computer wires and wingdings to hook up Ole Bessie and get her moving again.

Guess what?  Ole Bessie is broken. Done. Gone forever! Woe is me!

Ok, so it isn't that dramatic. Way back when we got married we took both our computers from college and created Ole Bessie. She has two hard drives, but only one of them runs the computer and that is the one that is broken. So she won't turn on. Basically we have to reformat and get rid of the broken hard drive, but not before we retrieve all the information on it.

I can hear so many of you out there going, "Um... are you still using a desktop? I didn't even think they made those anymore." Well, yes, they do still make them and I'm not just calling her "Ole Bessie" because I think it's cute. But I like sitting at a desk to do my computing. We have a laptop, but I'm fond of Ole Bessie. She's seen me through many a long night and you know the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Well, it is "broke" but we're going to fix it anyway because it is repairable. So There!

Anyway, I'm using my mother-in-law's computer until we can fix our small problem. Thanks Kathryn!

Also, I still really miss my mountain.

It has been oh, so hot here in the foothills. The leaves are changing, but the temperature is nearly unbearable. I went running yesterday (for the first time in over a month, hello lazy!) and it took me over an hour to cool down and stop being red. I shouldn't be that hot in the middle of October. Whine! Whine! Whine!

Oh yeah. I'm whining, and no one can stop me. I went up the mountain last Saturday to pick Andy up (another story for another day) and it was perfect fall weather. Not cold, but not warm either. Perfect roll-your-window-down-and-drive weather. And there was this tree I saw on my way that was so red it looked like it was a flame. Gorgeous. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but I was in a hurry to get Andy and thought I'd get him to stop on the way back. Yeah, that didn't happen. He wanted to go home a different direction. He's a fall Scrooge. He also gets to spend most of the week in the mountains and doesn't understand what the big deal is. Men!

But really, I love my husband. I know, what a segue right? Seriously though, I love him. I can't get enough of him. You know, for a long time after the accident I felt like we were just continually climbing a mountain trying to get to the top. We weren't having marital problems, but life in general was hard. We were a team and we were doing it together, but holy crap, where was the precipice? And now it feels like we're here, or at least we've flattened out a little bit before another big climb, and I can see him for the wonderful man that he really is and not have to find that through my own hurts and problems. Does any of that make sense?

I mean, even though it isn't all over (and probably never truly will be, because I won't ever forget), I feel like we've finally gotten our life back. We are a couple, a whole couple and we are supporting each other, instead of one of us having to carry the other. It's pretty awesome. And even though I have constant, daily, physical reminders of what we've been through, I think that makes it all the more worth while. It helps me not forget why I married him and why we are still together. Even when he won't go back and let me take a picture of that gorgeous red tree I saw. But you know what? If I had pressed the issue he would have gone back, and I love that about him too.

So, a summary of all that: I still miss fall in the mountains and I love Andy, like, a lot.

Up next: Rufus. He's still hanging in there. He does have some dead and dying tissue. We took him to the vet on Monday and she is really pleased with how his recovery is coming. She called him a miracle dog. Thursday they are going to do a small procedure to remove some of the dead tissue from his neck, and he will continue to be on antibiotics until he is completely out of danger of infection. If he gets an infection with all the tissue still dying and trying to slough off then it's pretty much hopeless. So he's still a very sick puppy, but he is improving day by day.

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • Halloween and doing some Halloween-centric activities with my nieces and nephews
  • Getting Ole Bessie fixed
  • Fall baking. I've done some, but I have a long list that needs some attention
  • Making some more permanent decisions about our living arrangement (Not that I'm not grateful for my in-law's generosity, but I'm very much looking forward to the day when 90% of my belongings aren't in boxes anymore)
Happy Hump Day!

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