Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just call me Humpty Dumpty

After a brief and (mostly) painless orthodonitst appointment my wire retainer has been glued back in place.

I also recieved some good news. Once we replace my missing tooth they will be able to remove one of the wire retainers, and maybe the other one. Maybe. That's the best thing I've heard about my teeth since I got my braces off, a year ago.

At the end of the visit the doctor said, "Now, if you go trick-or-treating this weekend, be careful eating all that chewy candy." Um, yeah. I guess he sees pre-teens and teens most days. No danger of me trick-or-treating this weekend, or eating any chewy candy.

But, if anyone has any chocolate, feel free to send it my way.

Off to the dentist tomorrow. Yippy. Skippy.

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