Monday, October 4, 2010

One day I'll get back to regular posting...

Sorry everyone. Is there anyone still here? Hanging on? Waiting for me to get my head out of my butt and start typing again?

Kudos to you if you're still checking in!

I've been spending these last few weeks relaxing. Actually, last week was busy. Not busy in an "Oh Em Gee! I need everyone to leave me alone!" sort of way, but in an "I've had a full day and am going to sleep well tonight." kind of way.

We've settled into our new space and a new routine. Andy and I don't get to see each other as often since he's gone three or four nights each week, but we make the most of the time we do have together.

The weather has started to be more fallish. Which I love, but through the week Andy calls me and tells me how cold it is in the mountains and it makes me sad.

I miss my mountain. The foothills are great, but it isn't the same. I've been doing my level best to enjoy the fall here, but tonight I was overcome by a longing to be "home." Where Andy is and where my favorite season is.

I drank a lot of apple cider today and pulled out my fluffy robe. It's still a little too warm here for it, but I'm wearing it anyway. It's October and I'm wearing my fluffy robe dangit!

One good thing about fall here is that it's more of a slow burn. In the mountains it's all, "BAM! Here's fall" and in a month everything is all brown and ugly, and if it wasn't for Thanksgiving and Christmas you would fall into a deep depression because of all the brown and lack of exciting weather developments. Also there are the sweaters. A pretty, cozy fall sweater has pulled me through many a dismal, brown, late fall day. It's like magic.

Tomorrow, though, I get to visit my mountians. I was up there last week too, but I didn't drive myself. Tomorrow I'm going to drive on the parkway. And I'm going to stop and take pictures like a tourist. And I'm going to stop for a warm drink, to sip while I enjoy the cold air and lashing, fall wind.

And I'm going to get my hair cut, because it needs to be reminded who is the boss in this relationship.

How is your fall going?

P.S. I broke my new year's resolution yesterday. I know! But I think making it to October and only reading the books I already own is really good as resolutions go. Especially for me, a self proclaimed book addict. Anyway, I got some classics really cheap and I started Bram Stoker's Dracula yesterday, in honor of October and Halloween. So far I'm loving it!

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