Monday, November 15, 2010

Reconnected and reacquainted

The first week here was hard. We got here on Sunday night and then first thing Monday Andy had to jump right into his new job. Also, we were both seriously screwed up with our schedules. Not only were we two hours behind our normal time zone, but we traveled across the country on time change weekend, so that put us back three hours instead of two. Or ahead I guess. Whichever, all I know is that each night around eight o'clock I would think, "Oh my gosh! Isn't it bedtime yet?"

We both spent last week really tired. Also, I've been having a hard time sleeping, which is apparently a sign of altitude sickness, but we left our beautiful king size bed back in NC and have been sleeping in the queen that came with the apartment. We are not cuddlers, and while I don't sleep as well when Andy isn't in the bed with me, I prefer to just know he's there rather than having a constant physical reminder in the form of his knees and elbows.

Another sign of altitude sickness is decreased appetite. I wouldn't say my appetite has been decreased because I've been ravenously hungry the entire past week. But when we sit down for a meal I can't eat it all. I've only been able to eat about half as much as I usually do.

All of this, plus the time and energy it takes to get semi-settled in a completely new place made last week kind of hellish. On Thursday night at dinner I looked over at Andy and said, "I feel very disconnected from you since we've been here." That statement pretty much sums up our whole first week in Colorado.

But Andy was off all weekend since his store isn't open yet and we spent two days getting reconnected with each other and acquainted with our new environment.

On Saturday we drove to down town Breckenridge and walked on Main street. I have to say that this will probably be my "go to" place to take family and friends who come to visit. It has tons of shopping and restaurants mixed in with brightly colored Victorian homes, most of which are original to that part of town. It was really an idyllic place and there is a gondola that takes you from town to the top of the slopes.

Saturday evening we spent some time on our own Main street in Frisco. We've come to realize that Frisco is more of a place for locals, which is good because when the ski season really gets started we'll be a little more separated from all the chaos. While our Main street isn't quite as idyllic as Breck's it is very quaint and we've already found at least four or five restaurants that are on our "must try" list, all within walking distance of our apartment. While we were out though, we stopped into a place that was having happy hour (side note: happy hour is a big thing here) and we had some drinks and ordered an appetizer. Fried pickles, y'all! I ate the whole basket myself and came home with a massive stomach ache. But it was totally worth it.

Sunday we slept in and then went to Silverthorne to walk around the outlets they have there. It was a really good workout. The outlet mall is comprised of three strip centers that are connected with a walking trail that runs along the Blue River. The Blue River is a popular haunt for fisherman. There were even some dedicated sportsmen out there in the twenty degree temps yesterday. Anyway, it was a nice walk and we got to see all the stores they have. Andy was glad to know that the river was there so when I decide to drag him along on shopping trips he can pack his fishing pole and when we get tired of each other he'll have something to do.

We came back home in the afternoon and I started a pot of chili for dinner. Then we did some laundry and went to check out the clubhouse here at our complex. We have a pool, sauna and hot tub, all of which we are very excited about. It's so nice to finally live in a place that offers real amenities. Andy and I both plan on making good use of the pool and hot tub. There are windows all over the clubhouse so we can watch the snow fall while we swish around in the nice warm water. Ahhhh. (There is also a stream that runs behind our apartment. We've got to get Andy a license soon, before his head explodes)

I'm afraid I really didn't get any pictures. I wanted to see what was around me with my own eyes instead of through the lens, so my camera stayed in my purse for most of the weekend. But at least now when someone asks, "So, how is it?" I can respond with something more than, "Well, I know where the post office is."

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