Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"So what's it like?"

I've been asked that a lot since arriving in Colorado on Sunday evening.

And the answer is that I haven't really been out much yet. We've been unpacking (or trying to unpack) and Andy's been working and we apparently brought the winter with us because the mild fall weather Colorado had been experiencing came to an abrupt end yesterday. It's cold people.

There has been a little snow fall, that was very, very slippery. & there wasn't a scramble to instantly clear and salt the roads. In truth, it wasn't really necessary because we only got a dusting, but it's kind of different for people not to freak out about the snow. It's refreshing.

Our apartment is tiny. I guess tiny isn't the word, but it is much smaller than we're used to. Also it came furnished, which was great because we didn't, yet, need to haul all of our furniture out here. But the person who owns this unit seems to take "furnished" to mean "catch all for the shit she doesn't really need, but doesn't want to throw away." We have two linen closets that are filled with miscellaneous pillows and crappy blankets and one set of sheets even though the apartment has three beds. So, it's been interesting trying to find places to put our stuff. I think we're going to have to invest in a small storage unit to keep some of the unneeded items.

Something I didn't mention before: we have a roommate. His name is Drew and we've known him for several years. I know this is kind of shocking since I complained so much about our last roommate, but there are some distinct differences between the two situations. First is that we moved into the same space with Drew on purpose. Whereas, with the last roommate we had our own apartment that he needed to crash in for a while. It's very different setting up a new space with someone else versus being alone and then having someone new there all of a sudden. Also, the cost of living is much higher here and since Drew just moved here as well, we decided it would be best to split the cost for a year until we can all get a little more established.

So, that's what it's like so far. Andy is off on Saturday, so we're going to spend some time exploring. I'll try to have some more interesting things to report after that.

One more thing. We do have a very quaint main street that kind of looks like a page out of a children's story book. I've shared this link with a lot of people, but in case you haven't already seen, here is the live web cam that is set up on Main street. We live about a block away. If you scroll down the page there is also a web cam of the marina and Nordic center, but I'm pretty sure the Nordic center cam isn't working or turned on at the moment.

Happy hump day!


  1. Your town is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on a successful move!

  2. I saw yuor post a while back about moving....Im not on the boards much as you know :( But it sounds like youre adjusting and the towns out there all seem to look like that.

    The 2 of you will make it a home very soon. Ill have fun keeping up with yuor journey....brave soul. I admire you very much!