Friday, November 5, 2010

Project 365, week 44: The Farewell Edition

Week in pictures, October 30 - November 5.

Farewell, Family

Farewell, Giant Kitchen

Farewell, Bible Belt

Farewell, Friends

Farewell, World's Greatest Pizza

Farewell, More Family

Farewell, Hulk

We leave at 6 am tomorrow morning. It's sure to be quite an adventure. Andy has been giving me "rules" for the trip, because apparently I'm five years old now. Also, we are going to be in a regular cab pickup with both the bunnies, who hate riding.

I'll be chronicling our journey on twitter. My twitter feed is on the left hand side of my blog & I've changed it to show more posts at a time in case you still want to follow along, but don't want to click into twitter to read it all.

Check back for frequent updates!

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