Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gratitude, Day 16

They started blowing snow on the ski slope yesterday and it snowed last night. It's in the teens/twenties tonight and the temp this week isn't supposed to reach 40. The slope should open tomorrow or Tuesday.

I bitch and moan a lot about the ski slope, but it pays our bills and so I can't really complain too much. There are some down sides to Andy working in the ski industry, like the 6.5 day work weeks and working through the holidays, but I'm glad it's there. Without that ski slope there would be no need for Andy's position.

So, while I don't love it all the time, Andy's job is a blessing right now. When so many (including myself) are jobless; I'm glad he has his, and as long as that ski slope is there he will continue to be employed. That is one definite that we can count on in this time of constant indefinites.

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